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[Event Review] Pavement attack full-time jet 34-21 Wins Bill

Beijing time on November 3, 8:30, New York jet hosted the same part of the opponent Buffalo Bore. At present, Bill is only a winner behind the patriot, ranking second. They certainly hope to win the jet and continue to maintain the chase of the patriot.

The first jet first attack. The first round of attack jet can not advance the choice to abandon the kick, Bill is even more miserable, up to the first quarter of Dove Tort Taylor is killed, after four offensive, he has to return the ball to the jet. Passing the ball unproved jet, one brain, chose the road attack, except Robbie Andon once 13 yards, the rest of the promotion is all from the police, and finally the quartzWehshi-McCane is running from the left. , Jet 7-0 lead!

The remaining time remaining in the end of the endless ball. In the second quarter, Tero Taylor’s extensive-Jones in the short-circuited middle road in the bomb array, the latter completed 10 yards. Kick the ball Hao Jika-rawly apart, Bill 7-7 chasing the score.

The jet without a leading advantage continued to stick to the pavement-based policy, and the 45 yards of shooting will be rewritten to 10-7. The jet before the end of the half, I want to expand the leading advantage, but Josh Maiju was killed by Bill’s defensive end Slendrick-Soldon, the score is fixed at 10-7, and the jet leads to the lounge.

The second half is the first to attack, and the first round of attack is still not built. The jet that took the ball is played more like 5 wins and 2 negative teams, patiently looking patiently. Finally, the external handle Robobi-Anderson is fully suppressed in the singleton of the Horn, and china direct nfl jerseys seeing this McCahn directly looking away from Anderson, the latter, the latter completed the ball in the right end area. Jet 17-7 leads.

After the interchange of a round of ball, Bill started attack from the 8-yard line of your own half. Equipment Di Donte-Thompson’s advance movement caused Bier to retreat 5 yards, cheapjerseys com I couldn’t find the first attack, but I had to give it. The jet number one runs to the right side of Bilar – Powell to the right of 51 yards, then Matt-Ford is relaxed to complete 10 yards, jet 24-7 lead!

In the fourth quarter, there is not much time left to Bill. Worse, they still can’t find an effective way to get the number of codes. What is even worse is, they still can’t limit the road attack of the jet. The original Bill is facing the unfavorable situation of the 3-speed 20 yards, and the mutually moving offensive line is put into the jet rushing to Bris, the latter kills Taylor caused the ball, line guard Mario – Dai Weis controls the power of the ball, the jet offense starting position is the 5 yard line of the Bill team! Such a perfect starting position, plus the work of the whole road attack, the jet gets the rush to the squad, the old will run the marty-Ford plum, the jet 31-7 leads.

Almost can say that the competition has disappeared. But Bier takes over Dionte – Thompson or efforts to win 26 yards to catch up, Bill chase points 14-31. Subsequently Bill chooses gambling kick, although the ball is controlled, but it is blown forward.

Subsequently Bill once again got up again, but only less than 3 minutes left. The final jet is very good to take the first attack to enter the official pause, and pay back the table.

At the end of the game, the New York jet home 34-21 unexpectedly defeated Buffalo, but they were still at the Eastern Eastern District.

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