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Safety Wei Boston slammed the contract offer for the contract for itTre Boston is still one of several free players security sans in the new east. However, he did to have interest from at least one team.

McCaffli was previously missed 6 games due to the high ankle sprain until the game of the Dragonas City chief was coming out. If this shoulder injury will only make him absent 1 game, it is really unfortunate.

This season, Bell is selected for professional bowl and is rated as a member of the best lineup of the Alliance. His ground rushing ability and ball capability becomes the most trusted offensive weapon of steel people. Bell himself also said that his greatest goal is to keep health. Bell, who is only 22 years old, believes that he is not good enough this season, he hopes to make progress in many aspects next season.

Bosston visited the Indianapolis Pima and Arizona in this year, but he did not see the general manager Chris Ballard when he interviewed the small horse. , Coach Frank Reich and defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. Boston said that he stayed in the team’s restaurant for 2 hours and also played basketball.

Fitzgerald caught more than 10,000, two thousand code history second fastIn Sunday, in the competition of the Detroit Lion Team, Arizona Luoque came out, Larry Fitzgerald, became the NFL history to come to NFL history with the first quarter. A second young player code.

Taking into account the experience of Boston and several other big security guards in the market, it is easy to understand why Boston has such a feeling. But from the current situation of the market, if they want to be playing in the new season, they face the choice of the contract that is either accepting the bottom salary or just close to this number.

He said in an interview: “I have said before, I don’t value those milestones, this is a long journey. You see Larry Wilson in the locker room (former saga player, Famous Hall Security sanctuary and Ezys – Williams (former Sapphire team players, Famous Hall Guarda) These ages have been here for a long time, I have a good relationship with them. Every time they talk to me. Tell me to focus on things that I can control, such as winning the game, getting 9 wins and 1 loss. “

That season he completed 3,500 yards pass, 25 Dalong and only 6 were copied, his pass rate was the sixth place in that season. The 2012 season data became 4,000 yards pass and 27 reachaes. Then, in a 7-1 23 defeat of the Minnesota, the worst achievement of modern American football, which seems to be the last time in the last time.

Steel man running guard: knees have been restored, look forward to next seasonThe injury of Run Vervie – Bell (veon Bell) may be the reason why Pittsburgh steel people were eliminated early. This week, hroni.ru explained in a blog post an interview, Bell said that his knees have been close to 100%. He is looking forward to working as soon as possible, and the team has achieved better results next season.

Bell said: “My knees are already very close to 100%, now there is at least 85% to 90%. I can start running, I believe I can re-invest in a short time.” The former Michigan State University The running guards proved that they have the most all-in -genated running guards in the alliance after Joining NFL. The team is looking forward to his return, as Bell said, they have the ability to get on the next level next season.

A abandoned kick became the Best Technical Group player of September. The Detroitio player Jack-Fox (Jack Fox) averaged 53.1 yards, ranked first every time. In his 13 times, kick out 67 yards farthest, including 7 times to enter the opponent 20 yard line.

The best defensive players in Guolian, the best defensive players, is Tampawan pirate line Wei Wa Vifent-David. The cuddling machine won 24 times in 3 games, 2 times, resulting in the number of lost yards, twice destroyed the ball, 1 copy, 1 time to grab the ball and once forced the ball.

The 27-year-old player was returned to the Miami dolphin on Friday, USA, and did not have any reason. He was a walk. Now we can confident that his NFL road is basically the end. Because July is the time of NFL closing.

In the expectation, the two play a four-point guard in the three weeks of competition (Josh, Wilson, Russell Wilson), and Buffers, Russell Wilson, and Buffalo, Russell Wilson. Allen) & mdash; & mdash; Identifying the best offensive players of the National Union and the Menlian.

One day ago, Wilson had just won the best in the second time this season, and he led the Hawie to win 3 wins and 0 loss of record in September. In September, Wilson passed the ball for 14 times, and the quarterfielding reached 139.0, and all the alliances were ranked. He passed a total of 103 times, successfully successfully successfully successfully achieved 76.7%, a total of 925 yards, only 1 passed.

Jacksonville American Tiger Run James Robinson played an amazing play in September and became the best offensive show. The player who has entered the joy in the United States Tiger will quickly prove that he is a whole-energy player, a total of 339 yards, including the scorpion pushing 210 yards, an average of 4.9 yards each time, achieve 3 times, additional The 129 yards were obtained 10 batches.

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