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“When Matt this week, someone asked him, & lsquo; How do you view Tom Brady? He has been 39 years old and is 40 years old in August. & Rsquo; Matt Answer Say, & lsquo; I want to have a long career as Tom, & Rsquo; Brack said. “I jumped cheap nfl jerseys from China the sofa and smressed. We have many young outstanding players on both ends of the attack. But we can make our quartz-guards in the future for a long time to make the falcon is unbelievable. News. The Matt is very good and takes care of yourself. So I am very excited. “

Katie Green, the host of local radio (KSFO-AM), said in the show, when he also wanted to burn the jersey of Katnik, his listener immediately said that it would be willing to pay 200 US dollars to redeem this jersey, and proposed This money can be donated to a charity. In the end they sold, Capenik’s jersey was eventually not burned.

After the game, Ryan directly Sherman said:. “You play to play like a butt,” 赛后谢尔曼 Ryan said he did not hear myself say these words, but even heard it will not affect him, but the Seahawks coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) sit still, Carroll said: “I just hope he can manage his team and that’s it, control your own people.”

Kalil’s work may be enviable & mdash; & mdash; eat fat, target weight 315 pounds. His recipe requires 5,000 calories a day. He has said to the media that he eats lean meat, pasta and sweet potato every day, and add three meals, usually peanut sauce with a sauce sandwich, and emergency ration is a mexican coil.

Falcon’s outer handlers are still optimistic because of injury.After spending Roddy White missed the training on Tuesday, the main coach of Atlanta, Mike Smith was still optimistic about the game of Tan Palp Bay Pirates on Thursday.

“I feel that I am still not enough to see those who have played more than a dozen or twenty years, put all the physical and mentally engaged in the competition. I haven’t hit a game. If one day I feel enough, I can With those professional players, it is also a different thing. “

After that, he was attacked again, this time because everyone thinks he is a vegetarian and eating chicken breast. He said: “I am not a qualitarian, I don’t have a big deal. This is not a break ring for me, just because you eat chicken breasts.”

In terms of the body, he may be the strongest in the team, only 5.5% of the body fat ratio, the bed is close to 180 kg. His recipe is like this: 200 grams of protein powder, fried egg white, and there is no bread of turkey burger, thin beef pastas. If he is going to the high-grade restaurant to eat with his lady, he usually eats well, then go to the restaurant. Weatherford said: “My wife is about 100 pounds, I can eat steak every time I have a steak. I only exercise 2 times a year. She is too surprised.” Weatherford’s largest temptation is a special burger bought by Red Robin chain.

“He is very willing to reach a helping hand when I need it, so I know that what is the game, what is the game? After the rhythm of the game, I will seek help from him. What is the strongest player gives me what. “Galt said,” I know that he will give me a lot of useful information. “

The 31-year-old Ryan signed a contract for $ 6 years of $ 103.37 billion in 2013, including $ 59 million security income. This contract has 2 years left. The performance of the four-dimensional Safety season of the best lineup has proved that he should receive the highest salary.

Because in the game they lost a valuable three points, because the half-section of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard in the game – Sherman (Richard Sherman) The kicker Dan – Carpenter (Dan Carpenter) hit He has not been out of foul penalty referee.

During some time, Foster is very unhappy because he has attacked it by the public. He said: “Everyone is a nutritionist, what should I eat?” He designed your own recipe with vegetarian food, breakfast eating oats and fruits, eat green leaf vegetables, potatoes, rice, dinner to eat green leaf vegetables , Buckwheat and rice.

Famous Hall Planning Guidelines Miles – GrettBeijing August 2, Bruce-Smith, Bruce Smith, plans to visit Cleveland during the training camp, guiding Myleg Galrett. Dictionary Trice, Smith, in Galert, I have read a few hours of competition with him, and then he guaranteed to guide the rookie growth.

Although it is a crazy behavior that is a crazy behavior of the jackets bought, it is a crazy behavior, but how can the fans do not break the fans in 14 years? A fan puts the picture of his uncle burned the Katnik jersey, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE. And I ran on the street to burn.

This is a story of a man who is extremely superstitious. Bradford Readme: “I am a very talented person. When I eat, I must eat 3 copies. When I came to University, the game usually on Thursday. We often go to a restaurant, we will have the same female waiter every week, she will Give us 3 meint sugar. Once, the female service is not there, we didn’t get mening sugar, I can only say to my friends: & lsquo; pay attention, you have to tell us the female waiter, let her give her We have 3 meint sugar, and I have my ice tea. This is a routine. & Rsquo; I just don’t want to break the rule. Now in the game, if I want to eat fruit, then I will eat in the morning, maybe a cantaloupe. Or pineapple, but must be 3 pieces, everything is 3 copies. “

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