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The fourth less than the union, the tenth of the league is the tenth, then the defense is very powerful, or is it very character? According to my summary, the cowboy is the peak of “passive beating can be so handsome”. First of all, the front line of the cowboy is very attractive, even if it shortens the front line rotation, it is still very bad, plus 22% of this season, is equal to telling the opponent, I can’t threaten the quarter, but I resolute. Either it will make a mistake? In fact, the eight games will make the opponent ten times, um, some bleak. In fact, the credit should be attributed to the line guards and defensive latters, Shawn – Li in the “TAMPA2” system in the “TAMPA2” system, Morris Kreborn, this season has been fully evolved into a total of alliances. Although there is not much, the destruction of the ball is still bright, Byron – Jones has completely adapted to the role of the backfinder safety sanitary swee, above, the denim defensive back has been supporting, maintaining dignity and large size Ball, plus 52% of the red areas upstream of the league were reached, and the overall defense of cowboy was like a small, it didn’t seem to be, but it was strong.

Emirates five lost mistakes to send a good situationIn early September 18, 2015, the NFL2015-16 season’s second week of competitions started in a Civil War in the Menian West. Pedon, who is included in the injury list before the game, leads the Dan Buddha Musa to be a guest Kansas City, challenge the Emirates. The emirate is more frequent, and there is a good situation in the event. In the end, it was killed by the wild horse because Charles lost the ball in front of the final. The score is fixed at 31:24.

The first score efficiency of the league, the defensive routing alliance, the previous five, which will let the coach Dan – Kuin’s face is somewhat unable to live, this Haiying system grows, why don’t you play in the Falcon? In fact, in the Shanghai Eagle system, the player’s personal abilities and player rotation are quite valued, but the tactical changes are slightly less, this system is quite applicable in the “All-Star lineup” of the Hawks, but the Falcon’s civilian lineup is not NS.

The Hawks’ Dreams of the Sea Eagle Former Colorado State University star player Dedre – Elliot (DEANDRE ELLIOTT) is not selected at the 2016 draft conference. Finally he was signed by the Seattle Hawk with a player’s identity.

The first half of the fourth quarter of the competition kept the power to change the power, no one can launch a valid attack. Finally, when there is also 8 minutes, the chief has advanced to the wild horse 17 yards. However, Smith’s 3-speed 10 yard passed a second copy of the individual. It is also the fourth mistake of the whole team. It is a good time to funeral, and it is better to be forced to kick in the wild horse. After 5 minutes left in the game, the two sides still remain 17 flat. The chieftain also came to the wild horse 10 yards again with only 4 attacks, and the score was again exceeded by Davis (K. Davis). The time left to the wild horse is only less than 2 or a half. In a final attack, Manning did not pay any offense to the hands of the running guard. 10 passed 5 times successfully, finally in the game left, pass the ball to the Iman New Detad Emmanuel Sanders. Wild horse 24:24 chief. At this time, nfl Jerseys the chief can have 36 seconds to complete the killing, how to send the second drop of the individual in this most critical moment, this is the fifth mistake of the chief! Robie (B. Roby) picked up the ball to help the wild horse killing the E I!

The first half of the game Pedon-Manning 19 passed 13 in 13 in 13 中 2 times to 1 set of copy. Alex – Smith 106 in 6 only has a copy of 51 yards, running to Jamarmar Charles 10 times a 74 yard, 1 time, 1 time.

The Braddy, which is now 37, does not have any salary due to this restructuring, in fact, his annual salary will therefore rose 1 million. According to the latest contract, he will take 8 million in 2015. Take 9 million in 2016. If it can be effective to 2017, he will harvest the last 10 million.

The first half of the game begins, the first-handed emirate is the first to win, and take 3 points by playing the ball. Wild horses 14:17 chiefs. The wild horses are again equalized with a 54-yard shot after a 54-yard shot. Wild Horse 17:17 Chief. The two sides stood on the same running line to start the last 15 minutes.

In the original contract, Braddy will receive $ 24 million in guarantee income, but after the restructuring contract, the money turns a injury income. This means that Braddy can only get this 24 million in the case of fulfilling a complete contract or injury. Once the contract period, Braddy has been contained by the patriot, he will only get part of this money due to poor performance or other reasons. For Patriot, this will help the team save $ 16 million salary space in the next three years.

The defensive groups in the first quarter are good, and the chief makes the wild horse offensive group can’t set foot, and the wild horse defensive group has caused Jamal Charles to drop the ball, let the chief is close at hand. The opportunity falls. The first quarter of the competition interacts with each other.

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