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Patriots special teams mainstay and Slater renew for 2 yearsAfter the deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers week, the special teams star Matthew – Slater (Matthew Slater) eventually return to the New England Patriots.

Cowboys quarterback Prescott will be suspended for several days pass trainingUS training time Wednesday, Cowboys quarterback Nasdaq – Prescott (Dak Prescott) left early due to injury training. Coach Mike – after McCarthy (Mike McCarthy), said Prescott will “pause a few days’ training pass.

Slater 32 years old this year, the Patriots traded for the Raiders back to attack Kodak experts Majorelle – Regular visiting Steelers when Patterson (Cordarrelle Patterson). He is a Hall of Fame tackle Jackie – Slater (Jackie Slater), son of the last seven annual average due to special teams excelled selected for the Pro Bowl. Slater is not only much – Bill Bailey Cech (Bill Belichick) attention, the team is highly respected leader.

Packaging workers will not coach professional bowl due to illnessGreen Bay Packaging Work is announced that the team’s head coach Mike McCarthy will not participate in the professional bowl competition held in Hawaii this weekend. Originally, he will use the coach to guide each team to complete this game.

Prescott will participate in part of the preseason, but is unlikely to participate in the 8.5 Hall of Fame game against the Steelers. Since 2020 the fifth week of the season injured, Prescott has not yet been officially stand on the court, he also cherish the opportunity to adapt the preseason.

His speed anti-run, intuitive and aggressive rare. In the anti-biography he played an important role, and appear in court in various regions of the team’s defeat in this year’s Super Bowl. If we can not substitute for the Seahawks defensive player sort the words, Wagner may be ranked in the security guard Earl – After Thomas (Earl Thomas) ranked second. His contract reflects that.

For three seasons the Seahawks have been the league’s top teams, so long stable performance in this day and age in addition to – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) or Peyton – Manning outside the team (Peyton Manning) is not always able to see. After this wave of renewal, the Seahawks after Brady and Manning eventually retire can continue to maintain such a strong level.

MRI results showed that Prescott shoulder sprain, but he said in a statement that “there is no recurrence of severe symptoms.” He will restore the injury while shoulder and right ankle while participating in tactical exercises. He is currently with the starting lineup in place of the training is mainly Garrett – Gilbert (Garrett Gilbert), this – Denu Qi (Ben DiNucci) and Cooper – Rush (Cooper Rush) also after obtaining some opportunities.

[Event Review] National Union Fed: Mostart Bracers history record, 49 people 37-20 packworkThe two sides of the national contest are all stronger, but when the last time collides, the packaging worker is shocked. 49 people’s defensive group regular season completed 48 killing, just killed Kirk Cousins ​​last week. External take-off de Wante-Adams, the offensive group led by Jimmy Garoppolo is also unpredictable.

In the old quarter-free Brane, Brian Hoyer is trapped in the shoulder injury (he may dose in the next game) and the other quad-dimensional Ni-Manzel is put into injury In the case of a list of sick reservations, Xiao is Brown except Taylor-Higpen in Tyler Thigpen. In the preseason, Xiaojun seems very well, but it is another thing to deal with the strong defensive group of the crow. In particular, as the season’s brown offensive group did not succeed in the ball, it was unable to share the pressure.

Brown Mike Mike Pettine announced the team from the training team from the training group to entered the big list and will let him start in the next match. Nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Brown and this training team from South Carolina and did not pass the training group that entered the alliance.

49 people entered another ball shoot, the score was opened to 17 points, and the packaging workers only saved some of the law. However, Richard Sherman’s Cascade Termination The counterattack of the package worker, 49 people are tall into the super bowl.

How many packages in the second half have been retrieved, Adams brought the ball twice, pushed 16 yards, 14 yards, bringing offensive rhythm and morale to the package. Running Aaron Jones Galant completed 9 yards, packages chased 7 points. The legend of Mostart’s playoffs is still going. This 22-code ball reached the division to return to 27. He has already slammed the ball 196 yards, breaking the 49 people ‘s history of the season. Number record. Only Rich Watters (5 times) and Legarrette Blount (4 times) were completed at least 4 shocks.

But now the Patriots took over the outside of the list looks a little crowded: Julian – Edelman (Julian Edelman), Blanding – Kukes (Brandin Cooks), – Chris Hogan (Chris Hogan), Malcolm – Michelle (Malcolm Mitchell), Kenny – Britt (Kenny Britt) and Philip – Dorset (Phillip Dorsett) are not mundane generation, these people probably gone one or two.

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