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Previously, Wilson’s brokers mentioned Chicago Bear, Dallas Cowboy, Las Vegas raid and New Orleans Saints were his hopes. In these 4 teams, in addition to cowboy and raid, the two teams have obvious demand in the four-defense position.

Crow cutting 80,000 US dollars for medical marijuana researchEugene Monroe has always advocated cheap nfl Jerseys players to reasonably use medical marijuana. In the past few years, medical marijuana has always helped players to treat their brakes to treat their brains and injured.

Patriot and safety guards, family last yearBeijing April 13 reports According to ESPN reporters, the security guards of the Wai Zhong have been with the patriot for one year. Now his contract will expire after the 2021 season.

If it is in previous years, the Hawks will inevitably consider the deal of Wilson. But this year, Wilson publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the team and his broker also listed if the Hawks agreed to trade his hopes. It seems that the Hawks will no longer eliminate the possibility of trading Wilson. According to ESPN reporters, Dianna Russini reported that when other teams contact Hawks asked the deal of Wilson, the Hawks listened to the quotation.

The ram is unstable in the offensive group, the defensive group and the special service group, and finally they have achieved 9 wins and 7 losses, ranking third in the country, unable to enter the playoffs. Although the whole team is poor, Gaofeng and Galley have been attacked by the big renewal contract due to performance and giant renewal.

The jet team has a second in the NFL dragons this year. They will pay four points to Dolnov to the Carolina Black Panther team to exchange three draft: 2021, sixth round draft, and 2022 Two rounds and fourth rounds of draft.

Douglas believes that the transaction selection right is extremely low. He acknowledged that it would choose a quarter-saving in the draft, but it will not be publicly selected before the final decision.

Source said that this is a big factor. The second step of the draft will receive a contract with a four-year period worth $ 35 million, which is a fixed cost that can achieve financial flexibility in the next few years. At the same time, Donod will receive $ 9.8 million in the last year of his rookie contract. The jet originally exercised Darnod in the fifth year of 2022, but the cost will be $ 18.9 million. The amount of contracts for two years is $ 28.7 million, while four years of cost is $ 35 million. Darnod also has a $ 5 million wage cap.

In addition to Gaoff and Galley, defensive cututs Aaron Donald and External handbondon-Cooks also obtained a high paying contract. In addition, the ram in the year and next year’s draft will exchange Jalen Ramsey, and he is also seeking a recorded new contract.

Before the start of this season, Gaoff and the team signed a four-year contract contract, including 110 million US dollars in the record, which will take advantage of the ram to 2024. Golley signed a 4-year contract with the ram in front of the 2018 season, and $ 45 million security income set a NFL record at the time, he will play for the team to 2023.

Newton often misfiring in the face of the raid, on Sunday we will expect Mike – Zemo (Mike Zimmer) directing the team a lot of surprise. Since Zemo took over the Vikings in 2014, has twice faced the Panthers Newton, produced a total of 12 times a quarterback sack the quarterback and will limit the number of rushing yards in 75 yards.

The highest salary of the ram & mdash; & mdash; Gaoff, Donald, Galley, Cook and Ramsei & mdash; & mdash; It is expected to account for about $ 109 million salary space, which is the most in alliances. This year’s salary cap is expected to grow to approximately $ 200 million.

General Manager of the Ram: Do not regret it to the quartz Wei Gaoff and running to the Gurie contractLos Angeles Ramirector, Les Snie, said that he did not regret it to the quadrupanic goff and the Todd Gurley creation. .

Vikings defensive end Evensen – Griffin (Everson Griffin) said, “You need to strictly according to plan to hold their place you need to quickly start, stop, etc. to get rid of him by running tactics, just like you. impact running back as he hit, he can not be treated the way he treated quarterback, because he was not protected at the moment. “

Gaofu showed great progress last season, gaining 32 times, 12 times of passing, led the ram to enter the super bowl. But this season, when the offensive group rely more than him, his performance fell significantly. Gaofman has passed the 5638 yards for 22 times, and there is 16 pass.

Although Diglas expressed appreciation Darnard, the jet believes that they will improve under the leadership of the list. Darnod ranked third in the 2018 draft election, but did not reach the expectation, and in the past three seasons, the League rating the lowest pass.

Galley is the core of the team offensive group in the 2017 and 2018 season. It has more than 1200 yards for two consecutive season, and he acquires up to 21 times in the league last season. However, this season, it has been reported that Galley, which has been plagued by knee arthritis, has only achieved the lowest 857 yards and 12 times. His games raised the number of balls from last season dropped to 16.9 times this season.

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