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Patriot’s first round of Shi Saiya – Wayne regression training served as the first left

Beijing August 13th, when the new England patriots saw the attack, Trent Brown, Trent Brown, gual brown, and joined the Auckland raid in a big contract that did not plan to match, and the outside world quickly doubtful who would become a ball. The team started the left.

The ideal answer is the second-grade cution of ISAIAH WYNN, and he reimbursed the seasons during the rookie season season.

Monday’s training means that Wayne has become an important step toward the first left.

23-year-old Wayne participated in personal and wholesale jerseys from china team training in the training camp. Wayne and Dan Skel (Dan Skipper) took the first left cut off, in the last project of the training, Wayne came with the first lineup.

“I feel very good,” Wayne said. “I have returned to the field, so this is the most important. I can play, a step every day, ready to help the team.”

Wayne did not participate in all training on Monday, wholesale jerseys from china but it was the most likely a player who was the first left trip.

If Wayne continues to make progress in the time of the season, he should be able to serve the first week, which will solve a huge problem with the patriot offensive front.

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