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Past and Present NFL Thanksgiving Day GameNFL Thanksgiving Day game is a series of games during simply click the next internet site US Thanksgiving holiday events, the history of the game dates back to 1920. Now, the annual Thanksgiving Day game consisting of 3 games. In the first two games are the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions for home, the opponent is selected according to a fixed cyclic order. The third Thanksgiving Day game is no fixed opponents, this game was in 2006, began to increase.

Cowboy Run Weide Eriot will pay the fees of the mid-school player funeralBeijing May 9th, on the weekend, the promising eighth grade football player Jaylon Mckenzie died in the past, this unfortunate news mounted on the local headline. Cowbur runs 卫 卫 基基尔 – EZEKIEL ELLIOTT, decided to do something for the grief family.

The red scitch defensive end-stricken Knim Dechen is arrested for violations.Beijing June 20, US Time Wednesday, according to Arizona Media reported that Robert Nkemdiche this month was carried out earlier this month, and the driver’s license was invalid.

External handlert-Qui Din became a draft “None of Mr.” Washington Red Slip Satur Taking the last draft of the 2018 elected rights & mdash; & mdash; No. 256 and mdash; & mdash; letting Nanwei University universities take-up Trey Quinn has become irrelevant.

Quiin made a breakthrough in the final season, and completed 114 battles to get 1236 yards 13 times. At first, he chose to join the Louisiana State University, but after the 2015 season, he went to the Nankai University University.

According to the police report, the speed of Kenmdo is 75 miles / when driving, far exceeding 45 miles / hour. The police intercepted KFMD in the morning at 6:30, and he explained that he was rushing to 7 points.

Since the first season, Katnik has first accepted interviews and trading issues, he said: “The team organization will evaluate each person’s value and future opportunities at the end of the season, this is my team for our reference and conclusions. “This is like a business decision.

According to NFL official website, Elliot will pay all the costs of Mackenzi funeral. Mackenzi’s mother said: “He will contact me is incredible & hellip; & hellip; Jay like Elliot, every day is talking about his business. When Elliot played, he will squat In front of the TV, the whole god is concentrating on his competition. In such a sad moment & hellip; & hellip; Eliote is coming to our & hellip; & hellip; I don’t know what to say. “

2017 Professional Football Hall of House: Ladainian Tomlinson, play the ball Mo Tomlinson, Morten Andersen, defensive Director Jason Taylor, defensive Mauntunny Easley, Run Trell Davis (Terrell Davis), 4-point Guide, Warner, Team Boss Jerie Jones Jones (Jerry Jones)

Similarly, as the darling of the television, the Cowboys also been criticized by other teams, especially their great advantage to play the game at home during Thanksgiving. But with all the teams have the opportunity to participate in the Thanksgiving Day game, this voice in recent years has also reduced a lot.

In 2006, the Union decided to add a Thanksgiving Day game. Until 2011, the game has always been among the NFL Network live game Thursday night game package. Since the beginning of 2012, NBC began broadcasting a special on Thanksgiving night race. Thanksgiving night game and there is no fixed rival federation, the Union can optionally specify participating parties.

This season officially opened Thanksgiving game to play in Beijing on November 28 morning, when, NFL China’s official website will provide you with live 2014 Thanksgiving night game, against the San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks game, welcome to watch on time.

At this year’s award ceremony, this season played excellent and led Atlantian Femplay to enter the Super Bowl, Matt Ryan, became a big winner, won the most valuable player award and the best offensive player award. The Auckland raid lines, Khalil Mack, becomes the best defensive players in 1 vote.

Since 2001, the team began to wear on Thanksgiving game throwback jerseys beginning, a lot of teams are beginning to choose to wear throwback jerseys to play this weekend. 2001 to 2004 as well as 2008 and 2010, the Lions have opted for wearing a shirt very early play.

Lions’s first boss G.A. Richards (G.A. Richards) to create a Lions Thanksgiving tradition. During the first 18 years of the NFL, among them, a few pieces of fixed teams will participate in the Thanksgiving Day game, these teams include the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cardinals, American Buffalo, Canton Bulldogs and through the New York Giants. Between 1939 and 1940 for two years, only the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles still participate in the Thanksgiving Day game. (During that time, the then US President Franklin – Roosevelt for economic considerations will want this festival rescheduled, but was opposed by most of the state’s half of the states have made it clear that the opposition, while the other half did not. this game is scheduled to increase a lot more difficult). During the period from 1941 to 1945, affected by the Second World War, NFL did not schedule games during Thanksgiving. After restoring the Thanksgiving Day game in 1945, only a year to play a particular game, and only Lions are fixed teams. In 1951 to 1963, ten years, the Green Bay Packers became the Lions fixed opponents on Thanksgiving Day race.

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