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“I have a half game in my college, and I have passed it once,” said Lu Dolph. “So, you can absorb some past experience. I overcome the frustration of the past, I think I will overcome this setback in the same way. I only need to keep myself sincerity, believe in yourself, continue to fight.”

Beckham missed the 5th season of the team and the first three games in the new season. The first round show will not participate in this week with Washington’s red-skinned partzen civil war, so the 5th week’s game will become the first show of Beckham’s career. 21 years old, is considered to have excellent route running capabilities and the potential to complete super performance. His injury created a lot of trouble to the troops of Tom Coughlin, but now everything will be fine.

Giants rookie back, Xiaoman Ning praisesEveryone is waiting for the old New York Giants to join the Odell Beckham finally has new news. Tuesday, he participated in the team training. In grouping training, Beckham has maintained full speed, and completes the ball smoothly, and it is very healthy. This is in mid-August, the first time I can participate in the complete training since the injury of Beckham. Eli Manning is excited about this: “He looks good, showing his own explosive power.” Manning also revealed that the giants will start using Baker Him.

This phenomenon did not stop Carolina Black Leopard and Running Kristian – McAristian McCaffrey. McAfri has won a 4-year $ 64 million contract. After signing the contract, he said that he has a confidence that his performance is better than other running guards.

At present, 3 wins and 6 losses 1 flat tigers rank 13 in the United States, but in the United States of America, the Baltimo crow and the Pitzburg steelman are only 1.5 fields. The tiger will challenge the crow in the next game, followed by France City Eagle, Cleveland Brown and Steelman.

“When you talk about the full capacity, you are in the middle,” Hernie said. “Christian’s ability and his performance as a ball is very unique for running guards. You can see that he has broken the performance of 1000 yards last season. 3 years, 5 years, 10 years Compared to the view of this location, he is really a different type of running guard because he can make a misplaced attack on the pick-up, which can complete the long distance. He is really collecting a larger. As you said, he as a leader’s ability, he shows the determination, he is a person, he has come to the team to continue progress every day, all of which affect our decision. “

Black Panther General Manager: Give a high-pay contract for running to Mai Kaffli due to its unique capacityIn recent years, many runners have gained a high salary contract, but they have not been able to meet the performance of contract value after renewal.

1 year agoIn the case of Giovani Bernard (knees, the trigger torn, season reimbursement) and Green lack, have rely on four-point Wei Di-Dalton (ANDY DALTON), Jeremy Hill and Xiujiao Taylor-Boid (Tyler Boyd) score, while they have to grasp the gradually reduced playoffs.

McCaffli advanced 2392 yards last season, reaching the third in history, so it is clear that he is very good. But several fate of several ever-running guards are still reminding us to the risk of running a high salary contract.

Elays Manning: Pedon proves that miracle may occurGiants, Eli Manning, hopes that the giant does not pick four-point guard this year. Last year’s fall season and old career is not a problem, after all, his family has a fresh example.

The team’s top take-up A.j. Green (A.j. Green) was injured in the competition of Buffalo, 12-16. At the beginning, it was reported that the Green legs tear, but the report pointed out that he suffered a leg teach, and no surgery was required. He may absent several weeks.

Eli’s Gorge Pateton – Before PEYTON Manning, the entire 2011 season was absent, but after the injury returned, the more watters were grateful, even before the retirement, led the wild horse to take a super bowl. Already 37-year-old Elays said that the performance of 55 Dalun, 37 years old, will become the goal of our efforts.

External handlert-Qui Din became a draft “None of Mr.” Washington Red Slip Satur Taking the last draft of the 2018 elected rights & mdash; & mdash; No. 256 and mdash; & mdash; letting Nanwei University universities take-up Trey Quinn has become irrelevant.

“He has proven that the age does not make the ability to organize the attack and arrange tactics, and it will not affect the team to win.” Elite said, “What you need to do is hard work, miracle is likely to happen.”

Quiin made a breakthrough in the final season, and cheap Nfl Jerseys From China completed 114 battles to get 1236 yards 13 times. At first, he chose to join the Louisiana State University, but after the 2015 season, he went to the Nankai University University.

After the number one quarter-Rosrisberg (Ben Roethlisberger) After the elbow injury season reimbursement, Mason Rudolph was the team’s first 8 games. He had a performance, but he has 5 passions in the last 6th game.

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