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The reporter said: “Randel’s behavior violates the union’s personal behavioral norm regulations. He got this news when training, this is one of the reasons why he left training. The accusation has been revoked, but the alliance related personnel still Investigate this event. Randel may be punished by 1 to 2 games, or it is only a fine. At present, the NFL official and NFL player guilds are going to talk about this. “

It seems that Green Bay packaging workers are not ready to enter the pool. This can’t blame him, no one wants to be turned over in the overtime, this is definitely a blow. I hope that he doesn’t have a bad luck in Tony Romo, it seems that the US team is not happy.

Cowboy runs to Weillan Del faces a ban on punishmentDallas denim has once again out of the scene, running Joseph Randle or cheap Jerseys will face two banned punishment. NFL official reporter first reported this news, but the alliance has not yet given formal notifications.

Piteson said in Thursday’s press conference: “My appeal to the league is: Adding more referees on the court, to prevent the back judge can’t see the external connections, leading to the situation of defensive guards in disadvantages. I Almost feel that Swanning is not appropriate. He can’t see the overall situation, we need more eyes to help. “

In the fourth quarter of the competition lost to Dolphins last week, Peterson was blown by DEVANTE PARKER. When the value of the referee indicates Potson in pulling Parke, but Peterson has different opinions.

Who else is going to “lost the island” vacation this weekThere is still 2 teams left, Seattle Hawks and New England Patriots, which means that there are 2 teams to be eliminated, and they will start their own holidays, we call it “lost That “So who have you mentioned this week?

At present, the bear team also interviewed the four-point guards of Philadelphia, John Defilippo, Minnesota Weijing’s offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, New England Patriopter’s Offense Coordinator Josh- Josh McDaniels, Viking’s defensive coordinator George – George Edwards and the bear team’s own defensive coordinator Vic – Vic Fangio.

Randel was found in February this year, a 23-year-old woman reported its carrying drugs and guns and harassing them. After the police survey did not find a weapon, the situation of the woman did not match it. Cowbur has been determined that Randell will not participate in this week with the Seattle Hawks. Darren McFadden will appear first.

Guo Yijia card prospects: package worker @ 红 皮 (defense)Washington Red Skirts all season is one of the best teams in the league. Although Hesh Hehel has only two killing, it has sent 50 quartzworthy compression. He has grown in all 3-4 defensive defensions in the Alliance to score the third high-high rush defensive end. After Chris Buck, after his body, Ranked 10th in 9.1. Ryan-Kailan sent 59 quarter-free pressure in the outer rushing, ranked # 7 of all 3-4 external lines. Under such a good rush, the Red Leather Defensive Group sent 42 kills, 43 quarter-shot hits and 197 times caused four-point guards. In addition to Brazz Britland, the second-line defense of the entire red skin is very mediocre. Dashi-Gude is the worst seat of the league, with an average of 5.9 times, there is a mistake. Will Blackmont and Quaton – Dunbar has been below the average level of alliances in defensive coverage, and Keen Jalet is not good. Bridide 83.5 season score is the highest bridal second line, but his recent performance is very struggling. In the past three weeks, he lost 274 yards and 1 time. The extremely imbalance between the defensive end is the biggest illusion of the red skin defense. Once the package is captured, the consequence is catastrophic.

In terms of defensive. The second-line defensive performance of the packageman is far more than people’s expectations. Since the level of safety, Skingen, Safety, Morgan-Bonte (89.0 season score, ranking third in safety sanctuary), has a significant improvement of the second-line defense of packats. Two two-line defensive rookies this year also have a good play. The first round of Xirando is the 11th good pass defecatist in the alliance. Two-round Xiu Lulins, under his defensive, the opposite dividend score is only 59.9. Clinton – Dixe is still the most indispensable player in the second line of packaging, and he is only absent from the 3rd file competition throughout the season. In terms of defensive lines, the line of packages is the weakest position in the entire season. Kray Matthew is a great outer line defender, but it is unqualified as an internal virtue. He struggled in the middle of the road, only 64.0 rating throughout the season, ranked 43nd in all inner air. Mike Neil is a third of the league countdown third. Julieles – Pebus did his best in the branch, but it was just a branch. This season, these people did not have a person’s play. Defensive Directions Mike – Daniels is the best player in the packaging work. He can take the top 10 in the Alliance All 3-4 defensive ends in alliance efficiency and anti-running interception.

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