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At the same time of the lunar seat, the dolphin is signed, and the old Jennings will increase the depth of the lineup. He will possibly with Landri and Kenny-Steil before Park returns. Kenny Stills cooperates with a key role. Dolphin is also owned by Riddard Matthews as an insurance.

The words of Rivers do not seem to have only 4 wins, and the last six games in the season will be able to enter the playoffs. They currently have 2 winners from the Morian West, and the external card seat is 1.5 wins, and there is currently 6 teams between them and the playoffs.

Lightning quarter-point Wei Rivers: The team did not get desperateIn Monday, Monday, Monday, Mexico City, the four-point Gawei-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers-Rivers, know that this game is very important, but insists that the current 4 wins and 6 losses Los Angeles have not yet arrived. When it is desperate.

Carol also said: “In the four-defense position, it will be hurt in the case of running guards, everyone is hurt, we can’t find the rhythm. So I think we have to let the ball attack this year to re-oscillating “

Kissaha has recently adjusted from the outside sanitary position to him feel a more natural defensive end. This is not his first encounter knee injury. He was tearing in front of the left knee before the university era.

“We will definitely,” Carol said. “We decreased for more than 100 shots last season. This basically explains everything. Basically, this is the reason that causes all things to turn this. The defensive group has been playing more time. We have to pass more. We have to go More passage protection, this is because our mushroom offensive encounters trouble. “

The raid is coach called the wild horse to hit the “fierce”Jack Del Rio, said that he believes that the Alliance will investigate the hike of Makama Safety and Jaarian Stewart to take over Amari Cooper. The latter is therefore leaving.

For a long-term measures for Parker’s health dolphins. According to Lott Port, the outer junction will begin training camp in the abidents, but the focus is in the 2015 season unveiled battle, and there are signs that he will prepare the game in September.

Given that the team is troubled, they will be difficult to win 6 games. However, they still have the ability to make the strong team to be defeated, two weeks ago, we have seen this in the game of the Bay Package.

The scorpion attack cannot obtain a chain reaction in other parts of the team. In the last season, the Hawks have more than 60% of the offense being passed on, and the number in the 2015 season just exceeded 51%.

Parker missed some of the four seasons in the University of Louisville after need to receive foot surgery. According to the Lobport message, the operation of Friday is to remove the steel nails that have been opened last year. The decision to undergo surgery is Parker, his broker, his family and dolphins made together. According to Miami local media reports, this surgery is preventive nature. If it is a regular season, he can return to the competition this week.

At the second quarter, there is 4:42, Cooper picks up the four-point guards, trying to get more codes after passing the ball, Stuart Cheap Jerseys from china the back shoulder hit the head of Cooper Department, he was blown by a penalty of crude crust. Cooper lie in the ground for a few minutes, followed by the help of two team trainers. It is accepting the brain volatile examination, and there is still no injury.

Even the four-point Wei Karlus regretted, he said: “I must control my emotions, I always feel that he is hit by my fault. I have to pass the ball to the way, but when he is hit by him I am not good in my heart. (Middle Rodney Hudson) saw my expression, encouraged me & lsquo; don’t look like this, we must win & rsquo; I also agree with him, I will be fine. But after all, the library Pelt and I love the same hands. “

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Parker has accepted a successful foot surgery on Friday. He is expected to be able to get ready to participate in the game against Washington. The team then confirmed this news.

Dolphin’s rookie external handle Parker accepts foot surgeryDevante Parker has been using his strong ball capability to create news for the rest of the Miami Dolphin. Now this new show will create news because of a more worrying reason.

In the rest of the dolphins, Parkes show a wide range of balls, good ball skills and willingness to chase each pass. In the future of the offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, he and the second grade outside Jarvis Landry have been coveted for a dolphin fan.

“This is a ferocious impact.” Delio said, “The truth is true. This kind of impact should not appear in the game, the alliance is also working hard to reduce this action. I am very confident that this ball will be investigated by the Alliance. Our players are very It is obvious that there is no preparation, but it is deliberately impacted. This is a very dangerous action, but fortunately the Cooper is nothing. “

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