Colwyn Bay refuse replacement referee claiming he smelt of alcohol

FA Trophy tie abandoned after team losing 2-0 refuse replacement referee… claiming he smelt of alcohol!

An FA Trophy match had to be abandoned after the side losing 2-0 refused a replacement for the injured referee with seven minutes to go.

When the original referee was unable to continue with a calf strain, Altrincham, Buy Google Ads Accounts with no designated fourth official to call on, plucked a replacement from the crowd during their game with Colwyn Bay.

However, the home side refused the replacement claiming the stand-in, who is a grade 5 qualified referee, had been drinking and smelt of alcohol.

Abandoned: The fixture at Llanelian Road was called off when Colwyn Bay refused a replacement referee

Ian Senior, the Altrincham assistant coach, also offered his services but this too was rejected.

Colwyn Bay manager Frank Sinclair, the former Chelsea and Leicester centre back, told BBC Five Live that as no impartial, qualified referee was available to officiate, his club were ‘within their rights’ not to complete the game.

‘You can’t just have any Tom, Dick or Harry come in and finish the last 10 minutes of the game,’ he said.

Refusal: Colwyn Bay boss Frank Sinclair said the club were ‘within their rights’ to refuse a replacement official

Altrincham chairman Grahame Rowley took a different view and hopes his side will be awarded the win.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Rowley said: ‘I hope common sense prevails.

‘We hope we don’t have to come back for seven minutes. We were dominating. They should award us the game.’

Saturday’s confusing events were played out on Altrincham’s official Twitter feed and one tweet read: ‘Someone came forward to officiate the game, but Colwyn Bay have protested against this as the person smelt of alcohol.’

Plans are being made for the game to be replayed at Colwyn Bay this Tuesday but it is up to the Football Association to decide whether the two Skrill North sides will have to play the fixture again.


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