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Viking people change determine Piteson no longer have the prequetness

After further considering, Minnesota Viking has decided to run the Adrian Peterson will no longer have the appearance of the current legal affairs.

Decided that Peterson’s local time was less than two days from the New Orleans in the local time. After the New Orleans Saints, the Viking has changed the idea, and they published a statement on Wednesday to explain that Pitters will be placed on the exemption / president’s allowed list (Exempt / Commissioner & # 39; s Permission List). This will make Pitters who cannot participate in any team event when dealing with his legal affairs.

Piteson did not enter the list in the game Viking to the New England wholesale jerseys for sale Patriots, cheap nfl jerseys china before he was accused of reckless or cheap nike nfl jerseys negligent. It is allowed to play this week’s decision to develop a large number of criticism, including Minnesota governor to request forbidden Piteson.

This statement means that Piteson can’t play before his legal affairs. He will attend the first hearing against him on October 8. The Prosecutor wholesale jerseys free shipping in Montgomery County said that it is unlikely to be judged before 2015.

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