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[Event Prevent] Succession Country Union Card Falcon @ 公羊

The strategy of the first game of the National Association will be expanded between Atlantan Fematch and Los Angeles. This is the second time in the history of the two teams, in the playoffs, when they handed over, the Falcon’s Leading 47-17 wins Shenglizi Roos under the Leaders of Michael Victors. However, in this way, the ram still has a total advantage of 47 wins and cheap china jerseys free shipping 29 losses. When the two teams handed over, the Falcon External Line Wei Xiavik-Bisley successfully taught a man, the falcon was washed with 42-14 blood, and this year’s collision the ram is no longer a last season. Ran, hunting The eagle is no longer a false falcon last season, what will the end result?

This is the first to advance the playoffs since the 2004 season, and since the first time since the 2003 season, I won the name of the country. This season, under the leader of the young master coach, the leader of McDe, the ram of the rib, reversed the team, and five players in the professional bowl, the raft is selected: Labo Kuper, Qiang Ni – Heter, Greg – Zullene, Alon Donald and Todd Galley. This season, the main running Weelley showed the comprehensiveness and domination of the offensive end, eventually the number of 2093 yards running mix codes and 19 times to lead the entire alliance; and by Robert – Woods and Cooper – Cap Waiting for the leading group of unknown balls, it also brought enough surprises to fans. In the defensive end, Alon Donald this season played more, in the new defensive system, acting as a role in frontline, and the rule is more winning more than the previous season. Offensive and cheap jerseys from china defensive have good highlights, and the ram in the reappersion, I am afraid it is only lacking experience.

Atlantan Falcon finally got the end of the National Union Partitioning playoff, the second consecutive season kills the National Fame season. Although the team changed in the previous season than before, they still had a strong threat at the offensive end. And Hurio-Jones and Alex Mark are the best in the vocational bowl. Relative to ram in the playoffs, the falcon who won the Super Bowl of runner up last season is a lot of old roads in this area. To know in the last season, “Iceman” Matt-Lan The 1014 yards were 4 times and did not have 1 copy. Although their passing offensive has a retreat, it still has a lot of flowering skills. In terms of defensive, the East Tower in the break is more threatened by the frontline of the Falcon, and knowing that this big guy has the ability to attack the end of the end of the line. The power is naturally not to be underestimated. There is also a high highlight of the offensive and defensive ends, and maybe the falcon can only be an experience in the playoffs.

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