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This time, the NFL caravan activity has its highlights & mdash; & mdash; the ultimate experience in the car, the fans can enter the mysterious caravan to participate in the shock experience in the mysterious caravan, let you feel the real football The charm is located.

“I know he really put these things at home,” he said Eustace Cech further explained. “Most of the time he and his brothers would get along a lot of time and stay with his family, he has a very close relationship between the inner circle, so he really did not go outside contacts, make yourself heard those rumors, because I rumors that he knew the dangers and how the consequences of what will be. you have seen other times players read about negative reports after their defeat. “

“You will be worried when players are absent, whether it is Masel or other people,” McDotmot said. “I will remain optimistic. He has done a good manner in the stage of training camp. He really handled very well. So we will pay attention to his injury.”

At the moment of Mike Maccagnan, they started the leader Yam Gase, Douglas is the first part of the successor’s number one in most people. Because Douglas has worked in 2015 with Gates & mdash; & mdash; Toglasi is the supervisor of the Bear University Scout for the Bear University.

The jet hired the vice president of the original eagle personnel department for the new general managerBeijing June 8, US Time Five, the jet finally found new general manager. The team officially announced that the executive Vice President of the Personnel Department of the Eagle Players will hire Joe Douglas for the new GM.

Fortunately, this injury occurred in the early stage of training camp. Although leg tears may be difficult to recover, Duris has a month before the beginning of the new season. Even after McDemimot, the Bill changed 4-3 defensive formation, Dariss still will certainly occupy a position in the starting lineup.

Although Brown reinforces the close-end position, the offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt said that the team plans frequently used the double-proximal tangible shape, which allows Enjoku to continue to get the opportunity. .

“I think that he did not hear what is naive, but he did not really heard a lot of rumors,” fullback Kyle – Eustace Cech (Kyle Juszczyk) said in an interview. “He was not very active on social media. You might see his hair once a month Instagram, the content is usually advertised as a high-end home sellers like the car company. I think he did Twitter account, if he indeed account, he was not very active user. “

He said in the interview with the Bay area, he said that he was very pleased to participate in the sniper period training program: “Just like others, it is necessary to fall into the scriptures in the four-point preemption. Overcoming difficulties prove yourself. I am happy to help him. If he can open your mind, I think I can continue to help him progress. “

In the new season, Hu Ka should be a near-end front of the time and the number of passes, but if the Nocus can keep health and finally fulfill the talent, then he should still play an important role in the offensive group.

Buffalo Bill defensive cuts in Maseer Dresis leg teasingBeijing July 30, slight injuries occurred in the training camp. But for Buffalo Bill, they see their best defensive players are still not a good thing.

“My primary goal is to keep health,” he said in an interview recently. “If I can stay healthy, the sky is my limit. This will be a special season. We have all the offensive weapons, we have a great master coach, so we are really excited to pinch the whole team. “

Of course, the training program entered Cape Nick will provide Garcia to enter the NFL main coach, and this is also an opportunity for Capenik career clearance. Considering that Jim Hubble next season will no longer coach at 49 people.

The most popular link on the scene is the equipment experience, and the fans of each age group are interested in wearing professional cheap nfl jerseys from China equipment and helmets to take photos. The fans put on the equipment are so strong.

Brown close-edge David – Enjoku: If you keep health, you can do it.Cleveland Brown made Austin Hooper in this year’s break, and then selected Harrison Bryant in the fourth round of the draft. This seems to make the first round of Show David – the future of David Njoku.

According to Eustace Cech said that the outside world was not troubled by rumors Garo Polo, because he did not have to pay attention to them. He certainly have other things to care about. And in view of the management of 49 people still have confidence in him, he does not need to fear their own future.

In the 3 seasons for Brown, Enjoku did not play with his own talent and its performance, and completed a total of 93 battles in 36 games to get 1066 yards 9 times. He was absent from 4 games last season. After returning, he rarely got a chance, and did not enter the list in the fifteenth and sixteen weeks, and only 4 gear offens on the 17th week.

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