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Today is also the tenth day of Watkins joined the team. In the first interview, he mentioned that he took a week and a half to master all tactics. From the training and weekend game, he saw that his progress has been very satisfied. In today’s 7v7 training, WATKINS was unveiled for the new week of the ram for a long distance.

In terms of chief, just as the head coach Andy REID, travelforceone.Com the New Branch MVP Patrick-Mahoms has started the second consecutive stage. The first wave of attack, Mahms continuously successfully connected the most trusted partner near Tarvis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, a total of 5 pass 2 Take 11 yards and have 8 yards. For the chief, the most important thing is to ensure that Mahms avoid injuries, a healthy MVP level 4 defense is the most peaceful.

Men's Charlestown Chiefs #16 Jack Hanson White Stitched NHL Adidas Jersey2 wins and 7-negative Tennesi Titan Although there are this year’s gaze, Muro, Mario Tower, but due to lack of more offensive weapons, their performance is still poor. Lot Lodge Mucus & Bull; Maryta although the battle is very large, he has also become struggling due to injuries. But the two games of Titan winning this season, the play of Mario Tower is quite well. The 795 yards of the 7 games has been qualified, and his future is worthy of the alliance. Titan’s pavement offensive means relatively poor, the team’s current main runs to defend Antonio & Bull; Andrews currently only won 298 yards. The team is currently the most trustworthy team, who is near-end Edlanier & Bull; Walker, currently only 508 yards and 3 times. If the league offensive ranks the third Titan wants to take a victory in Jacksonville, then Mario Tower needs to activate all the offensive weapons around you. Otherwise, the tragedy of smart women will be staged again.

For steel people, James Conner regression, performance is compared with the last season, his legs make him hit it on the court, and his character made him stay away from the steel person. Family player farce. This game, Connaught 6 sho 28 yards, although the performance is not expected, but it seems that he has been fully prepared for the new season, just as he accepts an interview after the game, “returning to the stadium very nice”.

Today, Barron, Quinn, Webster and Robey-Coleman returned to the training ground. Mcvay revealed that the training volume of Quinn did not arrange him in the quarter. It is purely to protect him, and do the best to avoid injuries.

Cowboy has only been used to use the privilege label in 4 players. The nearest is DEZ BRYANT (2015), after they signed a long to Bryant. The other three players are Flosell Adams (2002), Ken Hamlin (2008), Anthony Spencer (2012, 2013).

3 wins and 6 losses Jacksonville America Tiger this year’s record is good. Last year’s exploratic show mainly quad-bibbrek & Bull; Bortes played stable this season, although the four branch is only poor 81.0, but the score of 2381 yards has been able to have a shoulder (two data is higher than PM Point & hellip;); although there were 19 times to reach, but there were 11 cases of copying, which also shows that Burtes is a four-point guard in the advantages and disadvantages. This year, the two-round rookie run guard this year, this year, this year, this year, a big surprise this year, I have already won 531 yards in the 8 games, although there is only one reach, but this grade is for a new show. It is quite good. The biggest attack weapon this year is two “Allen” & mdash; Allen & Bull; Robinson and Allen & Bull; Herns, the former won 758 yards and 7 times, the latter also has 697 yards and 7 times Enter. Although Herns may absence this game because of injury, the two professional bowls are close to the end of Julies & Bull; Thomas will fill the blank of Herns absent, and become another trusted red zone of the American tiger. The two lines of the Jenan Tiger Tel Wen & Bull; Smith and Paul & Bull; Perthus will continue to take all the defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive.

Although Watson only played a competition in 4 seasons (54 games), his pass reached the number of times (104 times) and the number of passes (14539 yards) have been ranked second in Texas. In addition, his birth rate is currently in the second of NFL history. He became a player of the 11th single season of the 11th single season of the 11th single season of NFL.

[Ram News Express] 8/22 team training camp observationOn Monday afternoon, the ram returned to the Cal Lutheran, and started to prepare for this weekend and the appearance of the lightning. Today’s training doesn’t have access to A, although I have just ended a game, the team is still intensive.

For the offensive front line, Mcvay said that their performance in the game makes the coach group very satisfied. Saffold pointed out that BROWN and HAVENSTEIN are more clear in the help of KROMER and MCVAY, and it has improved in basic skills.

Austin is very likely to continue to absent this week’s training and competition, but it seems irrelevant. The two teams composed of Cooper, Reynolds and Thoms have been praised by all walks of life. This week’s training will focus on the rushing hands and corner. Since eBukam and Price are absent, only Smart can continue to make pressure. Hill got a lot of time in the weekend, but the performance was very bad. With respect to Counters and Hartfield, the two will make the final list for the big list. JJ3 has given a lot of opportunities as a slot angle in the game, but the location is poor; as a security guard is still a small gap from Cody Davis. How to cultivate this three-way rookie, a major topic of the coach group.

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