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The fourth quarter of the game is first attack, but Wilson has a turning champion. However, the lions still can’t find a good opportunity, Ameer Abdullah is inefficient, and the Calvin Johnson is dead. Only the constant abandonment of the lion can do. However, Wilson has a second drop in this section. This lion defensive group successfully converted the mist of the sea eagle into a reachable. The lion is only 10:13 behind the sea eagle. As the Eagle’s offense is unable, the lion ushered in a great turnover opportunity. Using the physical strength of the Habi Defensive Group, the lion successfully promoted to the red area of ​​the Haiye, but Johnson was hit by the Kam Chancellor from the front of the front. Only this 1 yard, the lion can reverse the situation, but this 1 yard makes the lion to swallow 4 games, and become the only team that has not yet winning.

Brigs is graduated from Arizona University in 2003 in the third round of being selected. For Chicago’s effectiveness of 12 seasons, enter 7 professional bowls, in 2006, helping the team to enter the super bowl.

Witten said that although Romo left but he would keep the team’s attention, “Just like I have told you, I will stay wholeheartedly, go all out, if I think about retirement, I am too selfish. I know all the development of all. “

Witten said: “Tony is the first person to say,” Don’t care what happened last year. “Say season, he chooses to retire to become the host, you will feel that all this is very fast, I always appreciate those people who can start a new chapter of their own life.”

However, the outstanding performance of the last week’s two running guards Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill may make the team trainer more focused on the ground attack in order to pay The offensive pressure of Don and Green.

In the second game, the Hawks of the Hawow wilson first found the state, and the two wonderful passes broke the deadlock on the field. The boller has passed the ball, which is the outer handle – Doug Baldwin. The lion is not willing to show weakness, and it will bite a bit bite. Before the end of the half game, the Hawks also have a chance. However, Wilson was killed twice, so he had to be a little longer at 10: 3 at the end of the 51-yard shot.

Although the 31-year-old Florie declined slightly, it is still trustworthy. Fritict is open to the ground, he is with Ronald Lear, Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Zach Martin (Zach Martin) The consisting of the offensive front line helps running the G / RAK in the 2014 season to finish the ground rush 1845 yards in DEMARCO MURRAY.

In 2007, the cowboy took a 4-wheeled sign from the Sirry, from that, he has always been the model in the team. In addition to the second season due to the reimbursement of the back injured season, Firy participated in all competitions during the 2009-200. Although he missed some competitions due to the ankle injury, the team still treated him as the most stable backbone in the team. Florfather has completed surgery for injured ankles, and cowboy hopes that their offensive front line can copy the front of the stunning performance next season, even better.

Defensive war, the sea eagle is more competing for a roleOctober 6, 2015, the last game of the fourth week of cheap nfl Jerseys was expanded in Seattle. The Haiying team of the home battle hopes to harvest the winning victory in the stars, and the Detroit lions who come to challenge do not want to be the only universal team after the end of the competition. But after a defensive battle, the lion team Johnson missed the chance of killing the Haiying. The lion is swallowed in the season.

US time Wednesday, Brigs said that he was preparing to retreat but not, it is no longer playing. He said: “If someone told me to let me come back and play, I will say that I am retired. If they say we give you a contract, then I will say good, you have the opportunity to get a new player.”

Cowboys and first-cut right cut Fri Frei for 3 yearsLast season, Dallas’ cowboy offensive a sharp impact on fans. A few days ago, the cowboy announced that the Doug Free is reached, thereby ensuring the integrity of the offensive front line. According to reports, the contracts of both parties have been 3 years, with a value of 15 million US dollars, of which 6 million guarantees.

This week, the Tiger No. 2 External Decong Marvin Jones and the near-end Thaler-Efte (Tyler Eifert) will ablate, the team main four points Wei Di – Dalton (Andy Dalton) ) I will definitely find AJ-Green, even if Green is not full of blood.

Eli said in an interview this Monday: “Obviously, Oreale has been doing quite well, but we still hope that he can continue to improve.” He said that the strict requirements of Beckham will further stimulate his potential, though Beckham is almost in the last season, I walked forward with a giant attack team, and he still has improved space. Elai believes that Beckham is afraid that only subtle improvement is enough to give offensive groups. Bring the quality.

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