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Besus this week, McCon himself also revealed the invitation from the Metropolitan team. However, in fact, the jet is not lacking in the next season, and McCaun’s arrival is to give Christian Hackenberg or Bryce Petty. Faster mature.

At present, JJ Watwatt, the Houston Dezhou’s defensive player, will be the main competitor of Nogman. The Watt This season has completed 17.5 quartz, his influence is very obvious, except Watt, St. Louisong The Aaron Donald, Aaron Donald, is also a strong competitor, and 15 times of Khalil Mack of 4-point guardian Auckland raid.

Patriot once used the first round to exchange the saints, Brandin Cooks, which proved that they would like a speed type. If the cowboy can let such a player join with Dz Bryant, the offensive is like a tiger.

Titan Horn Knee Take the healing this week is expected to returnTennessee Titan Cotilli Sensabaugh, due to lack of knee ligament, lacking the game in the past three weeks, but it seems that he is expected to return this week and play the team. Sen Saisburg participated in all team training this week and was labeled as “very likely to play” by the team.

Titan main coach Ken Whisenhunt said it also needs to continue to observe, ensuring that Sena Burg has already healed him to play. He said: “Only Sena Burg 100% recovery will make him play, after all, he has no time to play.”

Watt has an answer to his own feelings: “Now, what we have to do is to enjoy this, because I have more time to think about some problems. And the training makes me gradually, American football I feel so natural, I feel that I have returned home. “

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Sena Burg is Titan’s main rotation second-line player. After he injured, Titan fills his vacancy with Georg Wilson and Xiu Mark HUFF. In the case of accepting an interview, he did not disclose how many defensive tasks he would bear this week. He said: “There is a lot of time during the injury, but that is not what I can decide, anyway, we need to support each other. “

Eight into four fourth battle: single-handed ball vs magical ballAnti-day, shock, magical, unimaginable …, all the words of exaggerated praises, not for the two battles! The single-handed ball of Beckham is out of the year, the global shock

Dezhou people JJ Watt surgery have a good timeBeijing June 15th, Houston Dezhou’s defensive end JJ Watt (J.Watt) is one of the best defensive players in the league, so when he is not in the team, the team’s defensive group is another look. Fortunately, he has returned to the team after the back surgery.

Due to the injury Waxt only participated in the team’s 3 games, I completed 8 cockroaches and 1.5 times, which is obviously not himself. If Watt can stay health this year, Texas’s defensive end will be quite terrible. If the team’s four defense can express the farther away from Dezhou people to come again later.

When I received an ESPN reporter interview, Norman said that she should be awarded the honor of the best defense. Although Norman said that Norman said that the super bowl is his own biggest goal, but if there is a personal reward, it is very nice.

On Wednesday, Watt, Watt told reporters, the feeling of returning training camp is very good. “I feel great, I am very happy to answer such an answer, I obviously spend a big brightness, I hope that everything will be returned to normal, currently The body feels great. “

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