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Ponbi fractures in the preseason in August 23rd. He received surgery and was placed in a short injury reserve list. According to the Alliance Rules, Ponbi can return to the team training in this list for at least six weeks. He is able to return to the Auckland raid in the first ninth week of the competition.

NFL official website reporter Rand Getlin reported that Ponbi reported complications when he recovered from ankle injury, and he will accept the second operation. It is reported that the injury is aggravated because the steel plate of the first surgical is caused by infection, so he must accept the second surgery. This injury is more fear of Ponbi will be more than one time, and there is a local media report that Ponxi will miss the whole season.

When the end of the regular season has the same case, NFL has a detailed and complex ranking method to decide which team can enter the sequence of the playoffs and the seed ranking order of the playoffs. The ranking is in turn, which is the mutual record – the record of the same opponent – the result of the same opponent Field) – Victory contains gold – schedule – to lose, net wins, net winning archery and other data. The two or more team records are the same as according to the above two major principles.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, Saints have been cut off Coleman. This is not an unexpected, although holding a first level of salary, but the performance of Koleman’s 2018 season has fallen a lot.

Ponbi’s lack of arms is huge for steel people. According to the professional football focus network data, his replacement Cody Wallace is one of the most scored a center of the league score in the first five weeks.

Colomnad has played all 16 regular seasons, and 9 of them were first completed, 36 times, forcing the ball to participate in 359 defensive (34.9%). During the two playoffs, Coleman participated in 3 defenders, 12 files.

In the 4 seasons of the effectiveness of the ram, Renault was first played in 13 games, completed 113 times, promoted 1450 yards, reached 9 times. He is a four-wheeled show in the ram in 2017, and it has played a game during this period.

If you count in a super bowl, the NFL playoffs can be divided into 4 rounds, which are outside the card week, partitioned week, the joint champion week and super bowl, the first three rounds are held in the Federation, and the last two federations Championship sessile super bowl. First, the outer jacket is held, in this round, the 3rd seed main scene faces the No. 5 seed, and the number No. 4 is facing the seed, while the seeds of No. 1 are taken in this week. The same partition opponents may meet again this week (example: 2006 season season, the country of the game, the country, the Seed Philadelphia, the Eagle, facing the No. 6 New York Giants). The winning team of this round will enter the partition final week to challenge the first round of the two teams. It is necessary to pay attention to NFL does not specify this round of war competitions, but use No. 1 seed facing the outer card. The smaller sessile seed team in the team, the No. 2 seed faces a higher seeding team in the wins the team. (Example: 2007 season seasons partition champion Zhou Guolian No. 1 Dallas denim face the No. 5 seed of the next outer card week New York Giants, No. 2 seed green bay packaging work face the 3rd seed of the next outer card week Seattle Hawks). In this round, the team will enter the Federation Championship, and the final decided joint champion enters the super bowl. All the playoffs in NFL are a winning and negative match, and they are the only alliance in the four major sports alliances in the United States. This also means that it is different Cheap Jerseys From China the conventional event after a time-up time, and the playoffs must be separated. There is still no merger, and there is a total of 6 double plus time competitions in history. The last time is the 2003 season playoff, Carolina Black Panther Shuangtai 29-23 defeated St. Luusi Ram. The longest playoffs occurred in the 1971 season, Miami dolphins and Kansas city chiefs reached 82 minutes and 40 seconds.

The 26-year-old Renault is expected to join the starting lineup in the next season, and partner with the 2020th occupational bowl player A.j. Brown (a.j. brown). After cutting the old man Adam-Hunfris, Corey Davis signed the jet, Titan urged the vacuum of the outer block.

“One thing that makes Bailech to become such a special coach, that is, he spare no effort to collect information,” Kelly said. “He always make sure that he has found an answer to each question before making a decision. He is doing everything and meticulous and he will always follow up.”

Feng Miller did not realize the 50th super bowl helmet was stolen.Like Tom Brady, Von Miller lost his own things after the super bowl, but it was different from Braddy, Miller lost helmets and longer than one year.

If it is not because of Braddy’s jersey, the FBI is investigating the matter, Miller’s helmet may never see, although Miller doesn’t know that the helmet is lost, but he is still very happy, “Now it is in Denver.” I haven’t had time to look at it, but I can feel that I am very close to it, it returns to me. “

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