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The rookie of the Tiger team, AJ McCarron, due to shoulder injury, absent from most of the quarter quarter, so the Mamadi still needs a quarter-off training in front of the quarter training. The main four-point Wei Di-Dalton is a short stay in the premiere of the tiger game, from the current situation, in the second game of the New York jet in the competition The starting time will be longer.

San Francisco hurricane newspaper: “On Wednesday, the ball ticket sold again is only 14 dollars on Stubhub online, the team will face the Los Angeles ram at 7 o’clock in the evening. Such fares are equivalent to a glass of beer in the field. The price of the dog. “

Defensive Wars Texas is even better, and the tigers are endedAt 9:30 in Beijing, Beijing time, Houston Texas is a guest Xinnina, challenges the unbeaten tiger team. In a defensive war, Texas laughed at the end, and finally tied the game while successfully chasing the record of the leading sheep horses, ending the tiger season was unbeaten. The final score is 10: 6.

Ramirez joined the Chicago bears who were taught by his old handsome John Fox (John Fox in March this year), providing the depth of the offensive front line. His last season he was a Detroit lion, the first seven games were first.

The fourth competition, Yats, which was changed on the last section, excellent performance, led a successful promotion, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, have passed a 22 yard of Deta, the ball is German Andrew Hopkins, a left hand, one-handed ball! The Dezhou people have overtaked score. 10:6. Thereafter, Cheap nfl jerseys both sides have entered a period of “three-vibrating bureaus”. Tiger finally rushed into the half of Texas in 2 minutes left in the game. When there is still 50 seconds, the tiger has fallen into the desperate situation of the 4th. The ball of AJ Green is destroyed in the desik. Texas successfully ended the tiger season. The score of the audience is 10: 6.

Of course, everyone’s goals are happy life. Although Manzel’s player career is not successful, he heard that he said that he felt that he didn’t play, and he was still a little surprised than the day when playing a salary.

The third quarter, the attacks of the two sides are still fresh, and the Tiger 4 points Wei Di Dalton is once again being copied by Jonathan Joseph. In the confrontation of the past few seasons, Joseph has repeatedly copied Daltton’s pass. The Texas is replaced by Hoyer’s injury to T. J. Yates. The third quarter interacts with each other.

Manzell may be more concerned about the performance of the midrange news in the playerhood. Obviously he did not prepare in the first first first, and Cleveland was defeated by 30-0 by Cincinnati, and Brown collapsed in the 2014 season.

Tigra’s free market to supplement a quadrupleAccording to the Associated Press, the Cincinnati Tiger team has signed a quad-shunt & mdash; & mdash; Tayler Wilson. Before the signing Wilson, the Tiger team had just lost their one of them, Jason Campbell, the latter injured in the quarter training.

But the 49-person official website is the most suitable fare for $ 85. Maybe in the weekly game is one of the reasons why the fare is not high. There may be one reason that the team has lost 16 in 18 games since the 2016 season.

The first game, the defensive defensions between the two sides showed a high level. Texas did not attach this half, and the tigers were only broken by a 42 yard of any ball shot. After the first quarter, the Tiger 3: 0 leads the Texas.

Wilson is a rookie in the fourth round of the Auckland raid team in 2013, most of the last season he left into the team as a spar. He was just cut off by Tennessee Titan last week, and Wilson’s unemployment period did not exceed one week.

The most attractive manifestation of Ramirez, a total of 65 games in the career is the 2013 season’s 2013 season for them. He is the first center of the horses in the 48th Super Bowl, and it is responsible for the opening of the Seattle Hawks after the opening.

The second game, Brian Hoyer led several beautiful offensions, and finally let the Texas stand on the 1-yard line of the Tiger, but the Tiger defensive group succeeded to the Dezhou people’s offense The fourth file. Texas people use free kangral scores. Then the tiger is still leading again with free kick. The last 6 seconds of Texas finally selected the long bi-transmission of the air. But in the chaos, it was copied by the tiger player. At the end of the half, the Tiger 6: 3 temporarily leading the Texas.

In the transaction of Wan Bennett, the Seahawks signed a familiar face. They signed tight end – Luke Wilson (Luke Willson). Since 2013 to join the alliance, Wilson’s career in the Seahawks spent the first five years, completed a total of 89 catches for 1129 yards made 11 touchdowns. He joined the Detroit Lions last season, but poor performance, complete made only 13 catches for 87 yards.

MacDonald and Gelin Bo completed a total of 11 catches for 91 yards made two touchdowns this season, the first three games. In the game against the San Francisco 49ers play the game, McDonald shoulder sprain.

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