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This contract made Bayade a union annual salary (14.1 million US dollars), surpassing Red Skin Safety Guylon-Corins (Landon Collins) and Chief Safety Wei Taya-Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu), the last two People are also signed this year.

The flush is also very serious in terms of defensive, especially in the ground defensive: from the previous season, the ground was released 89.6 yards and a total of 12 rush to reach 12 rises to 154.9 yards and 25 miles.

Giants take over Golden Tate is activated to 53 people list. Tit was previously banned by four games in violation of the Alliance Drug Abuse, and the game of the Beijing-Tianjin people will be his head of the giant. In addition, line Wealth, Josiah Tauaefa, is promoted from the training lineup to a big list. External Handle Bennie Fowler and T. J. Jones were sicking.

Steel man runs James Conner (ankle) and defensive front line members Cam – Hayward (four-head muscles) part of training will be limited. Defensive Padi Member Wenz – Williams (Legs) (Legs), Clos – Vance McDonald (Shoulder) and Line Wei’an Nikro (Foot) It is possible to play this week.

Lion Trial Extension Maoris Harris. Harris was cut by the patriot.

Titan trials take over Quincy Adeboyejo.

Patriot abandoned offensive front line members Kelly cloth – Bennocho, external handle card Melon – Merris Meredith.

Tiger Matter Alex-Redmond Gets a big list of immunity, until Monday, the tiger can choose to activate the list.

Lightning is near the end of the head Stephen – Stephen Anderson to promote the big list, the close-end Edkin Kurkin is added to the injury reserve list. The team also signed the defensive end Edge Jeff Holf Holland, defenders, Wi-Wendon-Max (Matt Sokol), to training lineup.

The crow gives up the outside line to DTHM-Williams (Tim Williams). Williams completed 2 cockroaches in the past four games.

The red scitch retracted back to attack the armor-Cooper, cut off the defensive front line Member Miles Brown, signed Darrell Daniels to the training lineup.

Red leather cut away Robert Davis, Corner Adonis Alexander.

Overview: Cowbi left cut Schmith classes will not play this weekTuesday, Dethie Jones, Jerry Jones, said in Tyron Smith basically does not want to play this week’s game, but in addition, his injury progression “has It is the best news that Cowpi can hear. “

After the experience of the replacement study in the rookie year, Mahmus was scared in the second year, and the passed the ball to 50 times and won the regular game MVP. In the third year, I took the team into the super bowl and won the Lombadad Cup and became a super bowl MVP. Not long ago, he signed a $ 1050.3 million contract with the team. At that time, he was even less than 25 years old, Mahms also believed that there were still many boost spaces.

Titan and Safety Wei Kaiwen – Bayade signed a $ 5.0.5 million contractBeijing July 25, US Time Wednesday night, Titan and safety Wei Kaiwen-Bayade signed a 5-year $ 70.5 million contract, including $ 31 million security.

As the ability of Jones as a substitute, it is undoubted, this decision shows that the steel person chooses to put the bet more press the youth. Since the fourth round of 2013, Jones will play 19 games, and the first 5 wins and 2 losses. A total of 1310 yards were completed, and 8 reacted arms were obtained, 7 times were copied.

Mahmus said in an interview: “I still have a lot of improvement. I can learn more in Wholesale nfl Jerseys every year, especially the four-defense position. Training can learn, defensive group Changes can learn & hellip; & hellip; I will continue to work hard, learn more as much as possible. I will work hard to consolidate, I really only played four-year -upated, time is not very long, so I will do it. Every effort is striving to stabilize. “

This season, the torch record is 3 wins and 13 losses, the offensive data: the average score 14.1, the average proposal code is 241.6, with the pass 157.7 yard, the ball 83.9 yards. In the middle of the season, Wilkes dismissed the offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, but the offensive group did not look at it.

Bayade is currently 26 years old and is one of the defensive new stars of the league. In 2016, Titan took this security guard with a three-wheeled sign. Bayade has a ranking angle in the 2017 season, and he completed the first 8 cases, and ranks the first year. This also helps him finally selected a career bowl and the best lineup.

In addition to Waid Yade, Titan’s remaining defensive lineup is also good, there are local local potential players: Jurrell Casey, Harold Landry, Razha An, Evans ( Rashaan Evans, Adoree Jackson; there are other 璀璨 stars: Kenny Vaccaro, Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan, Cameron Wake.

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