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Gilmoor is the best defensive player in 2019. He completed 6 copies in last season, 20 times destroyed. At present, his teammates J. C. Jackson (J. C. Jackson) completes 8 CD, Ranking League 2nd, Gilmoor is only completed once.

Maxwell believes that whether there is a modern new tactical system, both of the Pitt Carroll, and the success of the two people in the university, providing a lot of help in cheap nfl jerseys from China. . At the same time, the defensive owners of the two teams are covered 3, which is also the most familiar defensive tactics of Maxwell.

At present, Leis’s official weight is 234 pounds, and his body has become a topic of fans in the second half of this season, his body is more huge than this number. There is a rumor that Rayxi’s weight has reached 260 pounds. Next season, Leis will enter the last season of our own rookie contract, he needs to prove its determination through the efforts, and then prove its ability to demonstrate your ability.

Maxwell: Eagle can enter a super bowlCorner Byron – Byron Maxwell leaves Seattle Hawks in this offset season, joining Philadelphia eagle. For your own new east, Maxwell is very habit, he thinks that the Hawks and the eagle have a lot of common: “There is a culture like the Hawks, and some people will give us sand ice, and they will put some Music, these are very similar. “

49 people coach praised the wedding sheep: I am his fansSt. Louis Ram 4 points Austin Davis now has a new fans now: San Francisco 49 people coach Jim Harbaugh (Jim Harbaugh). Last week, in the game with Philadelphia Eagle, Davis had successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully passed 375 yards and 3 times. And this week, the ram and 49 people will stage a partition civil war in Monday Night.

Time at Thursday, Miller issued a statement to see that he received a copy of the video and insisted until September 8th video was exposed. On Friday afternoon, the Alliance officially held a release of the following questions: First, the Union has verified who has been verified by the recording of the recording; second, how to deal with the recording; finally, it is receiving the video and confirmed ” Yes, this is really a terrible “who is the (lady). The official response, there is no evidence that the alliance has received video, or the content of the unidentified lady used the alliance telephone line to call the Associated Press to prove that the alliance has received video.

According to NFL official website reporters, the packaging workers hope that Leis can lose at least 30 pounds. The reporter revealed that the team hopes that Rayxi can increase the amount of training during the tour, and the two sides have already exchanged, setting the work that needs to do during the break. The team will also reshape the body with the help of health experts.

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Gilmoor is torn in the competition. Gilmoor will receive surgery on Tuesday, which is expected to participate in some Patriots seasons training programs.

This seems to be a bit crazy to give a defensive player’s near-defense income. But look at Olivier Vernon’s contract with New York Giants, at least $ 17 million per year, and Frongen has completed 29 quartz to kill in the past four years.

Message: Feng-Miller hopes to get $ 22 million per yearDenver’s Wild Horse’s Line Wild Von Miller is about to complete a big contract into a young man. According to the news, his contract may be equivalent to top quarter-saving income.

The following is the phone content received by the Associated Press: “Since the player’s association and the alliance and the Baltimore’s case, I have always wanted to clarify some facts, but the official no one has asked me about the elevator video. Things. Because Jeffrey Miller is the security person in charge, I (previous) is anonymous to send him, and attach a sentence to write & lsquo; this is the video of Lei-Les’s elevator (player), You have to look at it, this is terrible. & Rsquo; I used one-time mobile phone number to do confirmation reply after receiving the recording. I (at that time) Mr. Miller could not get this video, but I still hope Can be sent to him. “

Packaging workers hope to run away from 卫 西 重 重 30 pounds Last month, Green Bay packaging worker teaches Mike McCarthy, indicating that EDDIE LACY needs to lose weight. Now, the team has established weight-loss standards to Reti.

On the game, Davis passed the ball 49 times, but did not appear a copy. Hubble gave this high evaluation: “He often conducts long-term trial, it seems that you can complete high-quality passes. We need to be prepared in this regard this week.” Davi Si Dai in the 2012 season, until this season has the opportunity to join the alliance. The original main force of the ram is Sam Bradford and SAM BRAUN HILL has been injured, and the new door opened to this three-point guard. Hubble also said: “I should pay more attention to him when I did this.”

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