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Lightning Employment Ladia An – Tom Linsen is a special assistantLightning Nearland declares that the former team runs to Damlinson Tom Linian Tomlinson will join the team as the competent special assistant.

ProfootballTalk Web Site Reporter Michael David Smith reveals that Victorina’s vote coming from the Indianapolis Pony coach Tony Dungy, Dangji has repeatedly praised past dimension in front of the media. Gard, so this ticket does not have any problems. In a satisfactory, in the optimal return player, Buffalo Bille 4-dimensional-Orton (Kyle Orton) also casually won a vote.

The Seattle Hawk queue line Wei Babby Wagner is unexpectedly, which is very wonderful, because Vigna is not allowed in the vote of the best defensive player, but he You can make a ticket in MVP, which may be more valuable than JJ Watt, which is more valuable than JJ Watt.

The fourth quarter Brown continued to be picked up, Kareem Hunt contributed 3 yards to the ball to reach the ball, and it was divided into 17-22, and Brown was 5 points behind. The passenger passed in the end area was Cal-Joseph, but the Brown offense was difficult to advance, and only the discard kicked.

“LT is one of the most representative, mostly affectionate lightning players.” Dean spanos, Den Spanos, “He helped us in the relocation of Los Angeles, he also represents lightning Want to be on the court, the community became like. “

Alliance US Time 5.16 Announces 6 NFL referee to go to CFL in July, this time is a CFL’s preseason and conventional game a few weeks ago. 6 CFL referees will participate in the NFL referee development project, accept additional training If the ability is highlighted, it is a chance to participate in the NFL game.

[Event Review] Melaies Week: Brown 17-22 EmiratesAfter better than the steel man, Brown this week was the strongest, defending the champion chief. Patrick Mahomes’ offensive group led by the offensive group, if you want to escape from them, Brown has to take the corresponding strength.

“My knee feels better every day. We will look at the progress of the restoration, I hope I can prepare to play the game,” he said. “I will prepare it in accordance with the possible possible possible this week.”

After Brown, complete a shot, but this pursuit effort is just a drop in the drop. This time is the chief of the Emirates Travis Kelce completes 20 yards to pick up fish. Then the chief will enter two times, and 19-3 leads the first half.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the lightning has been asked to get a new contract, and its broker is asking for the transaction. Gordon will consider our own options, including returning to lightning.

Gordon is absent cheap jerseys From china the team activities throughout the summer, and the lightning has opened a contract with average salary to reach $ 10 million, but this did not reach Gordon’s psychological expectations. Gordon’s salary in 2019 is $ 5.6 million.

In view of the outstanding personnel reserves in running guards, lightning currently occupies the initiative. Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson have excellent performance in Gordon injuries in the 2018 season. Moreover, Gordon is not as good as Todd Gurley and Reviene – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) These alliances are currently running from top salary.

In the game, there is more healthy health after the lace in the game in the game, the inside of the knee is sprahed, and there is still a healthy manner. Mario Tag has been surprised in the game. He apparently turned to move and unable to move. Dolphins use this situation to harass him and interfere with the bourgeois route of the outside, know that Mario Tag cannot beat them with your legs.

Over the past few weeks, Lightning has always been expected to end the abnormation and fulfill its last year contract. Allowing its brokers and other teams to discuss transactions may allow lightning as a wish, or may accelerate Gordon’s departure.

“The common goal of our two alliances is to continuously cultivate the referee of high quality and experience old road.” Troy Vincent, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, “We still have to provide the referee More experience, but the personnel cannot fall. I believe this cooperative relationship will have a good harvest. “

Bobby Gigner received a ticket MVP voterThe super bowl night, this season NFL a number of personal awards announced in New York, in which the Green Bay packaging team four-point Wei Alon Rogers won the title of the most valuable player this season, and appeared in this MVP vote A highlight.

Although Gordon publicly said that he still wants to stay in lightning, if he and lightning can find a trading home that is willing to meet the conditions of both parties, then Gordon’s future may be elsewhere.

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