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– Chris Lang: Aaron – Donald is the best player in the league

Beijing June 28 hearing before the 2014 draft, the outside world for Aaron – Donald (Aaron Donald) the ability to adapt to the NFL questioned him focused on the relatively thin body too, which is why he fell to 13th overall .

Now look, this question is very funny, Donald has become the league’s best defensive player, it can even be said to be the league’s best players. Whenever he go into battle, he will be able to offer exciting performance.

Now retired defensive end Chris – Long (Chris Long) was in Donald’s career and his first two seasons did his teammates, he said that when he started training camp on the look out Donald Cheng Kung University.

“I want to praise myself the first to know that he would become a very good player who,” Long program when a guest blog expressed jokingly. “We had in his rookie training camp joked that he will enter the Hall of Fame, but I’m not kidding.”

Lang believes in his view, Donald is the league’s best cheap jerseys players. He thinks Donald is so outstanding not only because of his physical condition, speed, strength, agility and nfl football jerseys cheap from china other factors, but also because of his basketball IQ and power wants to become a great player.

The effectiveness of the ram’s five seasons, Donald into the Pro Bowl five times, four times and burst into the best team for two consecutive years as the best defensive player of the year. Last season he made the league’s sack most of the players and in accordance with the current performance he certainly continue into the Hall of Fame.

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