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Fisher does not intend to replace the team attack coordinator

This season, the attack problem of St. Louis ram is still not resolved. The injuries of Sam Bradford may become an excuse, wholesale jerseys but more fans still choose to align the spearnel to the offense coordinator Brian-Shugantheimer. He led the offensive group of this season only in the League 28th.

Many fans hope that the team can dismiss Schutheimer and find a more appropriate new coordinator. Fans believe that all the potential of Tavon Austin is a key reason for the team offensive struggle, and Schottharimer has proved its incompetence on this issue.

For cheap jerseys the Jeff Fisher, he has its own view. In an interview, Fisher revealed that there was no replacement of the offensive coordinator: “I think Brian has a very good tactical ability. His organizational ability is a very good teacher. We can’t put all the questions It is unfair to blame. “Maybe Fisher is right, some teams of the alliance have proven the basic elements of the coach to keep patient. Perhaps the Schotang Hainad, he is just a healthy Bradford.

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