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The best defensive players in Guo Zaiwen is the Hawble-defensive end of Frank Clark, Clark fully conquered the raid attack front line and the four-point guards Derek Carr, a total of 2.5 killed, 4 The Haiying 27-3 is easy to take away the victory.

Broncos players: defensive effort Panthers tight end OlsenIn this season, faced the Denver Broncos tight end, they twice met Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski), twice met Travis – Kells (Travis Kelce), two once encountered Antonio – Gates (Antonio Gates), also met Heath – Miller (Heath Miller) and Gary – Bani Qi (Gary Barnidge). In the Super Bowl they tried to stop Carolina Panthers tight end Greg – Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen).

After Jake Elliott, 57 codes of Jake Elliott tried to biased, the game was only about three minutes, and the steel man 31-29 was leading. Krepur completed a 35-yard ball to help the steel person further locked the victory.

At the fourth quarter, there is 11:03, the cowboy has a mistake, Andy Dalton, did not get the ball, and the ball was taken by the giants in the first 17 yard lines of the denim. Shortly, the DEVONTA FREEMAN FREMAR 4 yards have achieved reachable, and the two points are also successful, and the giants 34-31 lead.

However, Mahmus has passed the first copy of this season. He tried to connect Travis Kelce in a four-gear, but he passed the ball to the Jeff Heath. Heis is an attack at 47 yards until the first 2 yard lines of the Emirates are hugged down. Josh Jacobs completed the 2-size ball to reach the ball reachable, the ratio of 40-24.

“I guess I’m going to consider things next season,” Woodson told reporters on Wednesday. “I think next year will continue to play it? Uh, I guess I might, I mean, the next season is almost here. It’s not like there is for five years, so this is the present. So yeah, Looking to the next I can next season. I will return it? I am not very sure of that. “

Woodson currently 5 steals tied for the league pass, while he appeared anywhere in the Raiders second-line defense in need. He is not as young as speed so fast & mdash; & mdash; often defeated opponents catcher & mdash; & mdash; but Woodson is still the Raiders second-line defense in the most consistent player.

“This year, he really looks back to change the bone,” said Patterson. “I also have all my performance from his eyes. His heart is very fighting. This is what we need Our quartz, this competition will inspire everyone to play the best performance. I am very excited to see What is the performance of him and Nick in order to start. “

In the training camp, the plan of the bear team is Turbuski and Falls training in each training in each training every one day. On Monday, Turbuski appeared first, and Tuesday was round to Falls. As the training camp is canceled, the bear team can only decide who will start at the beginning of the season. We look at whether Patterson ‘s evaluation of Tussee is correct.

Eagle 4-point Wei Katson-Wenz Wentz 35 passed 20 times, advanced 258 yards, reached 2 times, was copied twice. Miles Sanders scored 80 yards in 11 times, reaching 2 times. Travis Fulgham bought 10 times, pushed 152 yards, reached once.

Veteran security guard Woodson does not rule out continued to campaign next seasonWhen quarterback Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) physical condition and performance seems to decline, security guard Charles – Woodson (Charles Woodson) continued to perform well in the 39 years of age.

Woodson in this age, needs the ability to play in a lot of moving position very impressive, in particular, and in stark contrast to Manning & mdash; & mdash; many years ago, Woodson beat Manning won the Heisman & mdash ; & mdash; the latter is difficult to maintain a healthy Denver Broncos. After all, this was supposed to be young game.

Kyler Murray 37 times completed 27 times, promoted 380 yards, completed a mushroom to reach, and met. The flush offensive group promoted the 500 yards, washed a decline in the past. Kenyan Drake and the CHASE EDMONDS each complete a mushroom.

Bear teammates: Cheap jerseys quadrotic 卫 Mi Chel – TuskiskiAfter the Chicago Bear trading, after Nick Foles, the outside world believed that the first quartz of the Ni Mi Trubisky, Trubisky, will be treated. The two will compete with the starting position.

Jet Kick Leng Jason Miles (Jason MYERS) is elected as the best special team player in Mei Week. Meers completed 7 arbitrage shoots, including 48 yards attempts, and completed 3 additional shooting gates to help jet 42-34 wins.

Olson get the ball this season, averaging 69 yards. He completed 77 catches for 1104 yards seven touchdowns during the regular season. The Olsen best power play ball line and glycopyrrolate Koski hit the ball the same route Mustang.

“I know the requirements I need to do,” said that the Trobeski said after the comment of Patterson. “I think I have brought more advantages to the offensive group, more urgency, I just strive to play, make a great decision and drive offensive group. I think we can continue to bring a lot of energetic for training, and Mutual support in the quarter-shot meeting room. No matter if there is any competition, we need to ensure that this offensive group has made progress, this is everything I have worked hard every day. “

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