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Talkofthesound said: According to the school principal’s speech in the blog, it seems that the principal does not want Rice to appear on the game, but the coach, Dirienzo invited Rice and hugged him and his family.

Andre – Johnson: Willing to play for dolphins, but not favoredExternal hands Andre Johnson joined Indianapolis horses in the 12-season of Houston Texas, but he also had a team that would like to be effective.

Kalil’s work may be enviable & mdash; & mdash; eat fat, target weight 315 pounds. His recipe requires 5,000 calories a day. He has said to the media that he eats lean meat, pasta and sweet potato every day, and add three meals, usually peanut sauce with a sauce sandwich, and emergency ration is a mexican coil.

The next steelman players who have hope to get a new contract are the defending, Javon Hargrave, but the steel man is unlikely to complete the renewal. He is ready to perform the last year and then enter the free player market.

Ruishel Reggie Richardson Answer on the visit: I don’t know how to comment, the truth is that even if we agree that his behavior is useless, but we must realize a little That is, here is his home, New Rohel is his home.

After that, he was attacked again, this time because everyone thinks he is a vegetarian and eating chicken breast. He said: “I am not a qualitarian, I don’t have a big deal. This is not a break ring for me, just because you eat chicken breasts.”

Texas said that it will decide whether Clairni will appear before the game. Claien was injured in the first week of the season, and after he was continuously absent until last week again debuted. ESPN reporters revealed that Crawni is listed in the injury list, is not because of his knees and recurrence, but the body is not suitable, suspected of sick. The team listed him as “doubt”, the reasons used: knees, diseases.

What is the American football player of NFL?If you know the NFL player, you should know what you want to eat, what you have to eat, and you may eat the simplest hamburger without bread, or even eat vegetarian. However, they almost everyone will drink protein powder improving drinks. So, what is the cheap Nfl jerseys from China player eat?

During some time, Foster is very unhappy because he has attacked it by the public. He said: “Everyone is a nutritionist, what should I eat?” He designed your own recipe with vegetarian food, breakfast eating oats and fruits, eat green leaf vegetables, potatoes, rice, dinner to eat green leaf vegetables , Buckwheat and rice.

In the game with Tennesi Titan last week, Crawni, who returned, was only completed once. O’Brien refused to disclose more details about the physical condition of Crawni in interviews, but he said that for NFL players, it is very common because of injury, it is not a big strange, and he is too concerned about a single player.

Texas will decide whether Claien can appear before the gameJadene – JADEVEON CLOWNEY has never resumed health this season, after a short return lineup, Houston Texas has once again included him in the injury list. Talking about whether this week’s Xi Xiu can fight the Philadelphia Eagle, Bill O & Rsquo; Brien, “I don’t know, I don’t seem to objective in my opinion.”

The lions have agreed to consent to Martin for about 4 years and the contract is $ 13.6 million, which makes him a discard kick with the third high of the alliance. In addition, his contract also includes $ 1 million bonuses.

Johnson said that he did not surprise the dolphins, and the dolphins spend many money in this year, and there is no space to sign him. And he stayed very happy in the pony. “I understand the business in this area. I am very good at the horses,” he said.

Hayden is expected to exceed $ 100 million in his career this year, and his new contract will make him finally a total salary of less than $ 124 million, close to the total salary of the total salary of the Toren Dalier Rewis ( Darrelle Revis ($ 124.2 million).

This is a story of a man who is extremely superstitious. Bradford Readme: “I am a very talented person. When I eat, I must eat 3 copies. When I came to University, the game usually on Thursday. We often go to a restaurant, we will have the same female waiter every week, she will Give us 3 meint sugar. Once, the female service is not there, we didn’t get mening sugar, I can only say to my friends: & lsquo; pay attention, you have to tell us the female waiter, let her give her We have 3 meint sugar, and I have my ice tea. This is a routine. & Rsquo; I just don’t want to break the rule. Now in the game, if I want to eat fruit, then I will eat in the morning, maybe a cantaloupe. Or pineapple, but must be 3 pieces, everything is 3 copies. “

In terms of the body, he may be the strongest in the team, only 5.5% of the body fat ratio, the bed is close to 180 kg. His recipe is like this: 200 grams of protein powder, fried egg white, and there is no bread of turkey burger, thin beef pastas. If he is going to the high-grade restaurant to eat with his lady, he usually eats well, then go to the restaurant. Weatherford said: “My wife is about 100 pounds, I can eat steak every time I have a steak. I only exercise 2 times a year. She is too surprised.” Weatherford’s largest temptation is a special burger bought by Red Robin chain.

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