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It seems that the rest of the players will speak according to the injury report and Carol ‘s training in Sunday. Nearby Mizak Miller (ankle), running to Marshawn Lynch (back) and Christine – Michael (Foot), strong safety Wei Kumam – Kam Chancellor (ankle) and line-like Mike Morgan (Hip) and Pierre-Louis (Foot) are included in the list of players. Miller and Morgan did not join the training on Thursday, but they were trained in Friday, and all other players were training these two days. “Zach is very good (Friday),” Carol said. “He looks like he is ready, we are waiting for the report of hips injury (Morgan), it seems that he is also very good.”

Pony is creating a young and continuous progressive team. General Manager Chris Ballard is not a big foot to spend money to introduce players and have proven that they can get a beautiful player. The coach Frank Reich has excellent in offensive command and has won trust in the first year of the coaching team. Andrew Luck has been thrown into the brain after the injury, he can bring different teams to the team in the playoffs.

No one denies that Elliott’s data is very beautiful. Since entering the alliance in 2016, he has a total of 5405 yards. The second player ranked second in the past 4 years is less than 1000 yards than Eliot.

“This time, honestly said, really let me be careful for a long time,” he said. “It’s hard to accept. From the sense of humiliation to the province’s own transformation process in emotional challenge, I want to understand that everything is an important step. I can grow up from the career of the Green Bay. This is my goal. It is not just the end of coaching. “

“I really think this is a young team that is rising,” he said last week. “You know, I will say no blushing, I want to take a 3-year champion. How much is this? Hey, even if you only take 1 champion, it is rare.”

After the team was on the main court on December 13th, the packaging workers fired McCartin after the worst Arizona. Mark Murk Murphy, who was made after the dismissal decision, clearly said that this loss is clearly that the team decides that one of McCarthy in the season, before the packageman has never been in more than 60 years. Shuaiso is handsome in the middle of the season.

The Haiying line is injured, and the wild horses are suspected.Seattle Haying line Wei Bruce – Owen did not participate in the training in the next day because of his hips in the training of on Wednesday, he was included in the Sunday’s superb bowl opponents on the stage in the competition in the competition. “He didn’t train on Friday, but he now feels much,” Pete Carroll said to Owen, “We think the best thing is to let him relax, we will always let him rest to the game time “

This is not the first one of the first three consecutive years in Er. It is his ultimate goal. In February this year, he has said that the best standard in history should be 3 consecutive championships in a consecutive year; & mdash; this may be his response to the New England Patriot Dynasty. There is no team to win the championship for 3 consecutive years.

“Obviously. The way to deal with can’t be worse,” McCartki said. “At any time, you lost a glue game. When the game, he felt sad, but when you lost the ball at home in December, this is really uncomfortable. This loss is not too often. I Leaving the press conference, I am thinking about the game, thinking about our playoffs hopeful. This is what I think at the time. When I was told Marc, Murphy would want to see me & mdash; & mdash; Inform me cold ice, tone is very bad. Mark said that this is the ugly loss, it is time to change. He talked about attack and special group, he felt that the situation would not become better. He said these There is no feelings at the time. This is uncomfortable. “

Buck said: “For Cheap nfl jerseys from china, many of the legs of playing hands are enough. But the coach does not necessarily want to play with the player, because there are no horses, other teams can get the ball, as well as good Attacking position. So before the game is in the middle of the midfield, the game is over & hellip; we will not have a long code shooting opportunity. But when you warm up, I will try a long code shooting, and I don’t think this is not suitable. Game We are less likely to kick 77 yards, but if the 55 yards in the world will help. This is also my training. “

Patterson, who is about 26 years old, has harvested two games in the next season and a kickback to stand up to the game. He two as a ball back to attack the occupational bowl, and the total of 132 battles in Weijing. .

Since 2013, Viking is signed in the first round of the first round, Patters has not proved their value, but he has played all the games in the past four years, and the new high-catching ball is also harvested last season. His joins will make Drek Carr with a faster helper.

“There are many excellent running guards in the league, but I don’t understand why the media should devalue my performance to raise other running guards. We are all excellent players,” Ellio wrote. “Check the data. Since I entered this alliance, I have given a decree performance every year. Give me some respect. Women will lying. The man will lying. Data will not. Go to do homework. Do not participate in the training camp Almost attacking a total of 1800 yards to get 14 times, now I am not the same run. But I really thank you for my high standard. But I will guarantee that no one is more than my own standard. Taller.”

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