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After the 7th wins and 3 losses of the Green Bay packaging worker 6 games, I experienced 3 games, once the throne of the north of the country, I was in the top of the first battle, and I got rid of the falling outer card. Disadvantage of the district. The main four-point guard Alon Rogers game has played relatively stable in addition to the poor performance of the wild horse. It has been a relatively stable in the competition. At present, 2482 yards and 23 passes have been reached. Due to the main external hand, Yin Di Nielsen reimbursement, the old James & Midd 2; Jones took the task of catching more, and he also returned to his trust in stability, as of the next week, this old will I have already won 592 yards and 7 times. He took the lake with Blue Road – Cobb with most of the catching tasks. Although Eidid & middot; Leisben season is flat due to injury, it is the maintenance of James & Middot; Starks’ old army protrudes to protect the pavement of the packwork, and in the last week, Leis gradually retrieved the sports ball. Feeling, there will be a big improvement in the pavement offensive of the package. Defensive Directions Mike & Middot; Daniels is the MVP of the packaging worker group, while the new Xiu Guard Marris Randa is a major discovery of the package. The new and old, alternating, a very good packaging, will definitely bring us more surprises.

His pusher got Evans’s response, the latter said: “You find the wrong Chris Golden, don’t get angry with us, we don’t have a rankings, and you don’t care about this rank. I like this Your confidence, but the truth is that you and I am not a level of my brother. “

If 49 people really want to renewal, it is very curious that they will give it to the contract. After all, Gore is indeed a big age, and the current 49 people have a rookie card. Carlos Hyde came to the Gore alternative, and it is actually 49 people not need Gore. However, in view of Gore, Gore is already a team of old people, there is a stable play of each season, there is no serious injury history, but also has a very low mistake rate, 49 people still hope that it can help the growth as Hyde’s mentor. .

4 wins and 6 losses Chicago bear continued their fluctuations. As long as the main force is good, Katler is good, the bear team has the hope of winning. The top of the number one, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys Al Shang-Jeffri is stable after returning, although there is less than the number of times, but his existence is undoubtedly the object of focus on the opponent, which is beneficial to help other teammates create more opportunities. In the three games of the main running Weimat-Formy absent, the replacement runs to Jerey-Langford performance, and there are at least one of the consecutive games, which is also the bear team. A short two consecutive victories, and 250 yards running ball code and 227 yards have the number of splitter numbers. Another recent player in the bear team is a hurt, and the close-up of the near-end Dawk-Miller, in the game against the ram, he wrapped twice, and the three games after returning have also been taken. The 177 yards and 3 times, the state is hot and can be seen. This season is outside the season, McMiphe, like a fish in 3-4 lineup, the third high defensive score (27.2) in the League (27.2) is enough to explain his value, he will continue to lead the bear defense group to make trouble for packaging.

At the same time, the insider revealed that if Hubble can lead the team to win 4 regular games and rank among the playoffs, the team will not hesitate to talk to him with his new contract details. At present, Hubble and 49 people have a year contract in the body, but the team has been refused to talk to him.

Allen said on Twitter that he thinks he should rush, he also mentioned 3 players & mdash; & mdash; Kansas City chief outside Taili Hill (Tyreek Hill) and Tampa Bay piracy – Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, Allen believe that these three ranking should not be higher than you.

“I will guarantee that I am ready, everything is ready. Of course, this is not to say that I can play in December or January next year. First, have someone wants you, second, it is a suitable person. But I don’t have Completely rejected regression. “

Philip-Rivers said it is still possible to return In 16 years of lightning, after a year of talents, the quadruplica-Philip Rivers announced a declaration before months, but this does not mean that he is from this to the court.

In his 13 years of career, Grien is 10 times in a career bowl, and all the first lineup is selected for 5 times. Grrini was rated as the best defensive player in the year in 1972, 1974, and the steel man took off his season’s best new show in 1969.

For Hubble, if you leave 49 people, he doesn’t have home. It is well known that Cleveland Bridge has always hoped to work with Hubble. The rumor of the trading coach was once again passed. According to the latest news, the Auckland raids and New York jets are interested in Hobei, and the insider means that the two teams will continue to pay attention to the change of the four people’s handsome changes, and they are expected to pass the transaction, or sign the name.

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