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Titan won the dolphin four-point Guikhan Hill by trading

Beijing, March 16, US Time, Cheap Jerseys According to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, Titan won the dolphins through the transaction of Ryan Tannehill.

According to Cheap NFL Jerseys authentic NetWork reporters, Ian Rapoport reported that dolphins will deliver Tamnes and a 6-round signs in 2019, won Titan 2020 4-wheel signs and 2019 7-wheel signs.

Tanharhole last season passed 64.2%, promoted 1979 yards, reached 17 times, was copied 9 times, quitrodent 82.7.

Tanhar and Titan’s annual new contract is 7 million US dollars, which is all guaranteed. If Tamnel meets other bonuse clauses, the total salary can be more than $ 12 million.

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