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Bradford did not appear Tuesday at the team base because he needs further examination of his knee. He will undergo arthroscopic examination to determine if there is a problem before an MRI undiscovered. Bradford examination of the knee and knee the previous structure is considered to be stable.

After the Sub-Hoyer, Brian Hoyer led Texas to face the Falcon Subject to make three reachable players, saving the team. Maete is also the first position from Hoyel after the first week. But this time O’Brien has not changed. He also said that a short break time in Texas made a short break in front of the horses, one of the reasons why he made this decision.

The recovery of this season passing hand the impact of Wednesday morning uploaded a photo of himself lying in bed. According to the official NFL Network reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported receiving core muscles Pierre Paul William experts – Myers (William Meyers) decided to undergo surgery after examination, he will be out for at least six weeks. In the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the last game, Pierre Paul groin injury.

“He is our first quarter-off,” O’Brien said. “Like all of us, he knows that he has to behave better. We all have a better performance. He has to pass more accurate, in the quartz guard net, do not hand over the ball, let us I played the right attack. But this is what we decided to start the Human Paplice horses. “

Pierre Paul injured timing could not be worse. Giants will face the Dallas Cowboys rookie running back in the next game Eze Kiel – Elliott (Ezekiel Elliott). Giants currently ranks fifth seed in the highly competitive qualifying National League wild card. Victory over the league’s best teams let them get a little respite.

Next season, Lynch’s basic salary will be $ 5 million, plus bonuses he can get up to 7 million. Although this price exceeded the budget of Hawks for running guards, we are not difficult to see from Schneider’s speeches, the team still attaches great importance to Lynch, they want to try their best.

Jalen Saunders, Jalen Saunders, is the latest join the player. Agent Roch-Aisonus announced that his client has reached an agreement with the Saints, meaning that in his rookie season has arrived in the fourth team.

Haiying general manager does not mind Lin Qi refused to interviewThe Seattle Hawks ran to Marshawn Lynch has been controversial because of its harsh attitude towards the media. After repeatedly refused to accept interviews, the alliance had imposed a fine of penalty. On Friday, on the press conference of the team, some media questioned the John Schneider John Schneider, asked if it would be dissatisfied by Lynch.

Bridgewater led a group of sparring against the starting defense in training and looks outstanding. He will serve in the next game Case – Jina Mu (Case Keenum) on the bench, but the Vikings believe he can as a starter if necessary.

Vikings quarterback will activate Bridgewater enter the big listMinnesota Vikings quarterback will not only activate Teddy – Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) into the 53-man squad, according to informed sources, they are still discussing the veteran quarterback Sam – Bradford ( Sam Bradford) into the possibility of injury reserve list. Bradford has not been present for the final decision.

Sanders is the 4th round of this year’s jet fleet, but in September as the Bat of the Chicago Bear team, it was discarded back to the attack on the attack, and then cut off. The latter is waiting for a while in the Training lines of Arizona Salamagues and Seattle Hawks. Sanders should have the opportunity to abandon the attack on the playback of Cook, and the old Robert Meachem is likely to absence the team competition in the next few weeks.

Schneider said: “No, it will not be. In fact, I still like him.” At present, Lin Qi and team management relationship is still very harmonious. The NFL official website reporter has revealed that the Hawk has begun to start the renewal plan of Lynch, Wholesale jerseys and they hope to be able to keep the team’s entry core. In this regard, Schneider said: “Nothing next year, he is still our partner. He is a warrior, every week is very good. I think I want to find a better run from alliances. He is simply impossible task. “

Bridgewater has all the medical examinations required by the return to the squad. Since he has been back in training three weeks ago, according to the rules Vikings need to activate him before Wednesday.

Packaging worker teaches Mike McCarthy said in local time, Adams told himself after the game, but it was very difficult in training. McCati also said that his situation will continue to observe his situation in the next few days, and further judge his injury.

Pierre Paul is an important member of this season, the only living barrier Cowboys offensive defense group. In the season opener, the Giants 20-19 victory over the Cowboys, Elliott obtained the least number of rushed the ball 20 times last season, made 51 yards 1 touchdown.

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