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The oldest 33-year-old running guard is currently the first person in the league, and he has completed 237 yards in the two games, and Williams in the case of the team’s main running guard last season. The 2 games have completed 204 yards.

9.17 After coming to the Patriot, Gordon played 9 games, completed 34 battles, pushed 605 yards, reached 3 times, including the Braddy’s 500th pass to the game. His ball promoted the number of code ranks second, second only to James White (659 yard).

This year, due to the ban, the steelman started the guards of Guidian – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) Absent the first three games, Williams won the first opportunity. After the Sunday helped the team to defeat Cincinnati, Williams didn’t seem to hear people’s abilities about their far-rectification running position. He told reporters: “I am the team’s insurance plan, I help Bell completed during the ban Sports mission, I want to make sure that my location will not cause the team’s trouble, I think I am fighting for a super bowl, this is what I only care about. “

The packaging workers are completely realized that the wild horses are relying on their own strength, no business, and enter the 48th super bowl, just in the superblow, the most superior defensive group in the history of the sea eagle quickly defeated. McCartin is desirable to rely on balanced attack, which can create differences in the rushing style and Rogers excellent passage skills and exercise capabilities. If they can make the cornerstone of the Habigan defensive group, the professional bowls are tired of Kam Chancellor, but they can succeed in the martial horse. “Wash the ball, pass, score”, talked about the package strategy for packaging workers. “We have the best quarter-off. Everything is related to fast attack.”

The following is another new look of the packaging work season:& raquo; Last week, the professional bowl left strikes, Josh Sitton, said this is the best offensive front line seen in the 7 seasons of the package. Lang in the right front position performance once a week, while Bryan Bulaga returns to the right-cut position from the front cross ligament of the knee.

Gordon ‘s leadership of Braddy is full: “I feel that he is a hard work. He also confirmed my idea. He loves his family, often chatting with the children, because I also have a family room, so I can feel the same. He also enjoys the game and the game. “

The coach Mike McCarthy has ensured that his players will not be able to do this. A large part of the training camp is used to prepare this and defending championship. The package worker in the McCarti era for the first time in the summer training camp in the summer training camp, his no business attacked. “No one can listen to it,” Jordy Nelson “is said to the Milwaukee Sentinel. “The music covers the tactical slogan. (Seattle) is the most difficult country. I actually feel that the Seattle will be more loud (music than the training ground).” Because the packaging workers believe that the merchants and verbal contacts before the ball will be more difficult. They rely on visual hints and signal on the speed of attack in the speed attack. “The head coach has clearly launched the number of attacks as many times as many as possible from the first day. “Our goal is to have 75 attacks in a game. Last season, we will be more than 60 times.”

Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) became the National League Offensive Player of Week. The veteran running back to regain the former state of the league’s top running back in the first game of the effectiveness of the Arizona Cardinals. He rushed the ball for 134 yards two touchdowns, helping the Cardinals 38-33 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Peterson has eight weeks to get the best honor. Running back in the history of all, only Barry – Sanders (Barry Sanders), Lada Neanderthal – Tomlinson (LaDainian Tomlinson) and Amit – the number of weeks to get the best Smith (Emmitt Smith) more than him.

Josh-Gordon: A lot from BradiJosh Gordon said in Brown, it can be said that the accident is constant, and many times have been banned from the field, and he has also caused him to be ultimately traded to the new England Patriots. After coming to the new East, Gordon re-confirmed his talent and strength.

The reason why the team decided to stay in Winston Winston partly because coach Bruce – progress Arians (Bruce Arians) under the command acquired part of the reason is that the team feel confident for resources the future. They have several options.

In short, the pirates eventually need to decide the possibility of other teams out of the contract price of the players who get the minimum? Was a pinnacle in his career, coming off the best performance of a red setter or data well, but has a potential of less than perfect quarterback? On the other hand, the main quarterback for the use of the transition tag is too risky?

“We will continue to look for,” said Salunam Friday. “You rarely use 2 quarter guards to participate in the training camp. So I think we will also sign more quarter-free. I don’t know if it will pass the free player market or draft, but will pass each possible channel. We Will not limit our search job. “

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