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The $ 31 million salary is close to Prescot to a requirement for average salary than a long middle age. Now, whether accepted the privileged player label contract or success with the denim, Prescot is Mr. 30 million this year.

Since the trough is often replaced in the offensive formation, we can always find that the team will play a variety of ideas to make the different capabilities of the trough. For example, Marques Colston has reached its own career peak in New Orleans as Drew Brees, and the Saint Team uses his height and arm long in the area area within the code mark. There are countless troubles. Although Anquan Boldin is not as good as young & mdash; & mdash; but he is not young when he is young, but his extremely strong physical and rich experience can often help him squeeze the defender to complete the ball.

“To all my teammates, coaches, management people and coaching groups, Belick coaches, Robert Kraft, Krafte family and whole team. I want to live for my life for the past 20 years. Every day, we are committed to winning and creating a winning culture based on outstanding value. I am grateful to all of me to teach me all the & mdash; & mdash; I will benefit from everyone. You all give you your best Potential, this is everything that a player can want. Every achievement we have given me great joy, and the experience I have learned will always be accompanied by me. If you don’t have the relationship with you I can’t make me now. Everything you give me benefits me. I cherish every opportunity to become a member of our team, so I love everyone. Our team has been set up for professional sports. Standard, I know this will continue. Although my career will continue in other places, I am grateful to all of us, I am grateful to our unparalleled team achievement. I have a fortunate to understand your people and have our joint creation. Memory. “

Cowboy 4-point guards Prescott Trusted Tags more than $ 31 millionThe alliance recalculates the value of the privileged player label, and the contract of Dak Prescott will enter the top ten of the league.

There is no quartz Bumi Braddy more good at turning in the four-dimensional protection net to find the right pass target. He is the most great quarter of history in the history of all the distances and the detail.

Braddy said that he didn’t know where it was in the future. NFL TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Tampa Bay pirates and Los Angeles lightning offers a daily salary of at least $ 30 million in quotation.

DL DROP is the associated product of zone blitz, and the regional raid means that the anti-parallel ball area, and there is a player raided four-point guard. Unlike the defensive defense, the regional defense needs to be different, and there is a possible pass line in his region in advance. This gives more than 280 pounds, the speed of slow lines can be protected: they don’t need to follow the ball in the speed of the speed, just need to enter your own critical area in advance.

The updated salary number makes Prescot’s single season salary into the top ten of the alliance, reaching the seventh place, ranking the annual salary reached 32 million US dollars, the four-point Wei Karson-Wenz Wentz) .

Zhou Titan skills are shocked, first take the Rased Matthews, the screen short passed, the long drive is straight to the whole way, Wholesale Jerseys and then the Markus Mariota is a long biography to find Joe Jonnu Smith completed 24 yards, not less than Demarco Murray, a dust-free defenders desperately. Tennessee Titan defeated a pretty good team. And this is what Titan fans are expected: they defeated a team with the strength of the playoffs. The defensive group is relaxed compared to the second week, but Mario Taga and offensive group have retained victory with 33 points.

Rugby 36The ladder is deliberately displayed, and the enemy can enter the desperate point, truncation of its reinforcement or admission forces, so that it is in a surrounded land. There is a witty tact in the football called the defensive frontline, and there is similar effect.

Quartz Tom Braddy announced the leaving New England PatriotsOn the day of the current contract, the quartz, Tom Brady announced the new England Patriots who will leave themselves for 20 years on the individual INSTAGRAM.

Moreover, since the outer junction of the trough can run from one side to the other side before the ball, it also increases the difficulty of defensive group camouflage tactics. If the defender follows the side of the slot to move from one side to the other side, it is basically determined that they are hitting the defense (vice versa). In addition, due to the current trough, the speed and style is getting more and more diverse, but also make the defensive group get more and more difficult to choose the right tactics. Last week you specialize in tactics in 6 feet 3 inch of FitzGrald, in the slot, it will be used in the face of flexible Randall Cobb or Jarvis Landry next week. The team is hard to have a multi-faced hand to get all the types of troughs.

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