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However, Davis has different attitudes for this action. He thinks this is not a unnecessary impact. He told reporters: “This penalty, I don’t think it is worthy of being sentenced, but all this happened. I hit me It is apologized to his head, but this is not apologize for this behavior. This is a American football, my goal is the ball, I did my job, I didn’t go to his head, I tried to hit him. The shoulder, just he drops in that position. Anyway, I did what I should do. We have won everything in the game. “

Pittsburgh Steel Man’s Defensive Demold Mermeron Heyward is punished for 5,787 dollars because of the special slogans on the black. In the sixth week, he once again, this time was punished by $ 11,576. In fact, his slogan is only to commemorate the father who has passed the world.

But the league does not seem to be very good at Wetron Sdill. The former Cincinnati players wrote “Leah Strong” on the black last season, and encouraged the daughter of cancer. I recently told reporters that he did not receive penalties.

It is reported that Davis will pay $ 24,000 feedback, but he himself expresses the appeal. He said: “I can’t do something different at the time, especially in the Red District defense, I need to hug a higher position. If I am low, he may fly over me.”

Whitworth will earn $ 5 million in this season. Smith’s contract also expired after the end of this season, so renewing with Yetworth for another year, Wholesale Jerseys it will ensure that the Tiger will have at least one of the old offensive front lines.

“The speed is taught,” Hiriani said, “speed can put pressure on the other side’s defensive guard, so that the cover defensive reveals the flaws & hellip; & hellip; Hilton’s success is the speed, what is not a secret?

As the strongest starting offense cut off in the alliance, the Whitworth is excellent, and after the end of the two games, he is a professional football focused network score the third high attack. The tiger offensive front line has not yet let the opponent have achieved a murder, and in the shock attack, it is strong, helping the tiger with the data of 151.0 yards in the field, becomes the third shock attack.

Horses take over Hilton will continue to be responsible for deep-reaching ballThis season, quickly shot will become a small attack method, which is a small offensive method of the Pony Reich and the Offense Coordinator Nick, but this does not mean that the profound ball will be abandoned. .

In the 2012 body assault, the Hilton 40 yard sprint score was 4.34 seconds, and after the third round was selected by the third round. Last season, Hilton took a ball code 16.9, the ranking of the fourth, his career brought average code was 15.8.

Cincinnati Tiger and this left truncation continued for about one year, he will play to the team to 2016. NFL official website reporter Ian Robot is reported that this renewal contract is up to $ 9 million according to the report of the informed people.

Front teammate: Pierre Paul is in the best time Former New York Giants, Justin Tuck has been concerned about the contract of old teammates since Jason Pierre-Paul, but it seems that he seems to be with others. The contract will be completed.

Whitworth is in this year’s break, because of the words hope that he hopes to pick him up his successor and board the headline. The team is not only selected by Cedric Ogbuehi in the first round, and also picking Jack Fisher in the second round.

In the interview with Wattan, because the surgical surgery of the sniper did once considered the retirement problem, it was obviously only a flashing thought, because he returned to the court this season.

Healthy Pierll Paul completed 16.5 times in the 2011 season, 12.5 times completed last year, he has no doubt about the pressure on the opposite dividend. And the giant also needs him to behave like this.

Hiriani said: “I have a common point in the offensive group before Frank. The pass rate is very high, but the advancement of 20 yards has been promoted, and there are also many advances above 16 yards, so we will not be deep and far-reaching ball.”

Tak told reporters: “He realized his mistake in the first time. Now he is very good. He immediately ushered in his best year, I think he will succeed, as long as he is used to new rhythm, you can’t I can’t see any reason to stop him from moving in this year. “

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