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The advantages and disadvantages of the two teams are also very obvious. The third gear conversion rate of the collar city is extremely high, and the data of the Saint 0/7 is a bit pitiful. The biggest problem of the saints is still in sports. The total number of rushing codes in the whole game actually only 42 yards. The 214-yard gap in the crow is huge. It is necessary to know that the crow mainly runs in front of Res, and the Saint’s defensive this game is still eye-catching, 2 times, and twice The quantity of the poultry in the crow, so that the fans of the saints can still keep the team confident.

Black Leopard star defensive end trial date postponedCarloa Black Leopard and defensive end Greg-Hardy will have to stay more than the time to receive the results of Hardy’s accused. Nfl Meida’s insider Ian Rapoport reported that Hadi’s trial time has been postponed on Thursday, and he will not appear again this season. Hardi was prosecuted by a females in May.

Sebastian – Ji Nushi is not willing to pay the salaryThere have been news from news, and the Auckland raid people want their own players to Barstian – Janith Janikowski actively pay the salary, but it seems that this old will be unwilling.

Chaminuski said: “His performance is like a 22-year-old young man, full of passion, exciting. I can’t describe his performance, he is really great.” Chastuski is Hasel Baker designed a lot of tactics of a large number of fake runs, which help the latter to create a new high in your personal data. Hassel Baker’s current number of passes is 255.8 yards, the quadruption is 94.4 points, and the transfer rate of 64.7%.

It is reported that the team tried to renegotiate the contract with a 39-year-old Jiksky. His contracts this season can earn $ 4 million, but Ji Nushi refuses for the team’s request, and this may result in the team to find a new player to replace him. It is reported that US Time On Monday, the raid person tried three players.

The lion quarter-assault Matthew-Stafford (right-hand) injury is recovering, and is currently being labeled as unable to determine possible. Except for him, running the Ameer Abdullah (neck), Jamal Agnew (Knee), defensive Dide Front Edge Killer – Ansa (Ezekiel Ansah), Emmett Cleary (ankle) (ankle), TJ Lang (Tj Lang) (Foot), Dragon Robinson (Foot), Stroke Travis Swanson (Knee) and defensive end of Corneus – Washington is also listed as unable to determine possible.

Labotport said through the black panther’s internal news, Hadi gave the team friend sent a text message, he plans to stay at the fixed location waiting until the initial trial time November 17, wholesale Jerseys Hadi is very confident that he is not guilty. I believe you can go to the field. Play.

Brown defensive defender Gabrill Peppers (knees) is doubt. Near-devalve (Hip) (Hip), defensive defender Brune-Baddy-Calhoun (knee) and defensive front line members Danny Shelton (The chest, ribs) is listed as unable to determine possible.

Hasselbeck has helped pony overcome Jacksonville American tiger, Houston Texas, Atlantan, and Tampawan pirates. If this week, you can pick up Pittsburgh steel people, Pony will compete in the championship in the United States of America Occupy position.

Deni Line Shuen – Sen Lee (leg teen) is expected to play. Diagonal Collins (La & Rsquo; El Collins) (back), External Bryler (Foot), Defense David – Europe (David Irving) (Brain Shock), Corner orlando – Skandrick (Back) and the Tyron Smith (back) are listed as unable to determine possible.

When Candy was placed in the list of exemptions, the general manager of the Black Panther, Davia, said that this defensive end is not allowed to play before his legal issue is resolved. Hardy as the best player with the defensive group and the black panther still have a year. After this season, he will become a free player.

Wild Human Made Ronald Ronald Leary (back) and quadroton-Lynch (ankle) unable to play. External hand Yamnuel Sanders (ankle) and defensive cut-off Domata PEKO (knees) unable to determine possible possible.

Although this silence can be interpreted as any meaning, it seems to be a stupidity. The quarter gay Ryan Tannehill is in the critical stage of career, and his growth is very important. There is no doubt that he put him in another offensive system will damage his progress.

[Everyday NFL] Section 14 Weekly Federation Injury ReportThe ADRIAN Peterson (neck) of Adrian Peterson (neck) will be lacked for the second consecutive week. Herwynn Williams assumed most of his work, 16 shots were 97 yards. External 3 John Brown (John Brown) is also unable to play.

Pony coach: Hasselbeck seems to be only 22 years oldIndianapolis Pony can still get a winning victory in the situation of Andrew Luck, and the old manuscript of the Matt Hasselbeck is not available. The team offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski said that Hasselbeck appeared only 22 years old.

Dolphin general manager seasons stayed in the future of assistant coachesMiami Dolphin Main Coach Qiao-Philbin knows that he will return in 2015, and according to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople, the team general manager Dennis – Siki (Dennis Hickey) The location is equally safe. But for the assistant coach is another thing.

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