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Strong Ni-Manze: Can’t give me very disappointed

In recent time, Cleveland Brown has been troubled by four-guards. The main four points of BRIAN HOYER has been downturn in a few weeks, and the path of passing is copied many times. Hoyell’s bad performance also makes more and more people proposes to make Xiu Qiang Ni-Manzie, as a first time, last week, Mande, Mandet, in the final training, and full of vitality. Contributed a mushroom to reach. However, Brunner’s Mike Pettine still said that Hoyer’s starting position will not be replaced, which makes many fans and venta de camisetas de fútbol Manzell people disappointment.

In this week, Manzell said: “From the team’s angle I understand the decision of the coach, but as a player, I have proved at least the ability to adapt to NFL for myself last week. Attack and defense. Of course, I am supported for the decision of the coach. He is thinking about the team. “

Joe Thomas, the first side of the team leader, also expressed its full support of the decision of Pert, he believes that Brown currently 7 wins and 5 negative records remain eligible for the race of competition, the last one in the regular season Monthly, the rookie is too large, Camisetas de fútbol baratas and it is not the time to cultivate a rookie quadrant now. Thomas also claimed that Pe Ting was in the end of the team and decided to retain Hoyel’s first qualification.

Hoyel also knows that he is now the pressure on his shoulders. This week, Brown will be home to the Indiana Pony. Hoyer said that if you can’t enter the game, it is likely to be subject to the scene of the fans, Camisetas de fútbol baratas you already have Psychological preparation. At present, Hoyell’s biggest problem is to excessively dependence on Josh Gordon. Hoyel’s copy has increased after Gordon, and he has forced to Gordon in the game. Feeding the ball, but since Gordon communication is not easy to generate a tacit understanding, at least 4 times in the past two weeks have been changed to Gordon. Hoyel wants to get rid of the downturn, and you need to have a chemical reaction in the shortest number of top offensive weapons in the shortest time.

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