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In fact, Fafer was asked in an interview if your jersey lost, what would you think of this incident, Fair pointed out that due to the celebration of the team in the dressing room, you won’t remember Where do you put them?

Black Leopard runs Williams may not playCam Newton will return to the Carolina Black Panther to the war terraries, but the starter to run Guide Angelo Williams may not play. Nfl Meida’s insider Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday reported in the media According to the team, the panther trainer did not want Williams thighs to continue to go. Williams did not attend in training on Thursday and Friday. It seems that Ron Rivera should pay attention to this running guard, just like last week and Newton. Looking forward to Jonathan Stewart served as the starter, the Mike Tolbert of the big piece of Mike is also very potential.

Rivira has achieved 64 wins and 47 losses in the 7 seasons of the handling of the Black Panther. The Black Panther will face the Saint New Orleans in the first round of the playoffs, and they will try to enter the second round of the playoffs in the rancation in the 5th year.

Some of the other injuries from Latport:* The red scitch looks forward to the four-point guards, and the battle giant is played on today. According to the team’s source, his arm is prepared after the game, it feels good, there is no practice before, and it is also very good.

“I am very excited about this because I really like the status quo of our team,” Rivira said in the statement. “We have achieved some really good achievements and we have the opportunity to achieve more. All in order, we can continue to success now. We can continue to win and we have entered the playoffs 4 times in 5 years.”

As the most trusted ball of Stafford, Stafford, whether it is a team, fans or players, I naturally don’t want to lose the teammates such as Johnson. However, in terms of the lions, wholesale Jerseys it is impossible to know the difficulty of dealing with the contractual problem of Johnson and Stafford. The new season, Johnson hopes to grasp the opportunity and prove the contract with such a contract under the premise of maintaining health.

What chaos can be imagined that the patriots are in the locker room after victory at the Atlantian fundwell. However, recently, it is pointed out that it may appear in the truck in the locker room, and this car will return to the Gillette Course next Thursday.

Maybe not discussing but this is the first time we have heard such an event since 1997, interesting is that the Green Bay package of Falun leaders in that year, the Green Bay package of 35-1, the new England patriot.

Washington, 2019, Participated in 634-sized offensive (64%), but only the 486 sets of attack (44%) last season. His data is therefore affected, and the number of ball propulsions from the 2019 season is 392 yards. In the Fame Tournament on Thursday, Washington was only two times as the pass target.

Steel people take over Washington asks for team to trade themselvesUS time is reported on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, steel people take over James Washington has formally proposed the requirements of the team trading.

Ben Roethlisberger has published his own feelings in December last year: “Washington is gradually quenching, it is necessary to play opportunities. Not because other people are not good, it is him. It can contribute to the team. & Hellip; & hellip; we need to rotate, let him play, he has the desire to attack, he wants to get a number of code for us. “

Johnson’s contract will cause a $ 24 million impact on the team’s salary cap in 2016. The external connections that have been brought more than a thousand yards have been 30 years old. There have been previously reported that the lions are considered trading, and even reach Johnson to save salary space.

Since the draft has passed, the choice of Rivers is limited. He will not be traded this year. If both parties cannot reach a consensus, lightning can give Rifes to Rivus every season in the next two seasons.

The consultations between the two sides have achieved “a little progress,” Latport also said, and the new contract will enable Rivers to retire in lightning. But Latport said that it is still unknown whether Xiao Riv is equally optimistic.

Before this year, it was clear that Rivers did not be traded now, and now I will start working hard to leave this ace quarter. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the lightning is currently optimistic about the long-term renewal contract with Rivers.

Calvin-Johnson is still in the peakThere are media and experts to question, whether the Detroit Lion takes over, Calvin Johnson, is no longer peak, and his injury in the last season has clearly affects the impression of him. For this question, Johnson himself behaves very confident: “There is no doubt that I lack 4 to 5 games last year, but I still take more than 1000 yards. I am sure that I can have something.”

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