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Team management said:. “We have received numerous reports from individuals expressed a lot of fans and other fans regardless of their own region always stood watching the game,” the team had GF letter “To be fair to every fan, we agree with the fans stood to cheer the team, but when the race we hope that we do not stand to make sure that does not obstruct the line of sight around the back and the audience. “

Berkhold said that Belry never complained about anything before the Auckland raid team last Thursday. At the beginning of the season, he accepted the physical examination everything. The coach Andy REID said that Belry can also go to the team in Monday to understand the condition and express “feelings of everyone’s love and support.”

iStock ImageBerry then also released a statement: “I sincere thanked all the support from my family, friends, coaches, teammates and all the Airate team. I am shocked by the diagnosis on Saturdays, but I don’t want to miss the game. But I understand I have to focus on a new opponent at the moment. I am full of confidence in the doctor. I believe that they give me the treatment plan will make me finally defeat the disease. I am very grateful to a part of the Aihua team, and in Wholesale nfl jerseys Passionate fans in front of the game. I will come back! “

25-year-old Berry 3 times selection professional bowl, and this year is his 4th season. The Emirates is still full of confidence in his future, and there is a warning that this condition is still in early.

However, it appears to the court who stood watching really is a big problem, so the Jaguars wanted to make sure this does not happen. But for those who want to stand and watch the whole game, it will hit their confidence, only standing to give them the courage to support the team.

Red leather runs to Delris – Gaz front cross ligament tornBeijing August 11th, NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort, the latest report, Derrius Guice, was injured in the first preseason, preliminary Diagnosed as the inner sub-ligament sprain, but after the next nuclear magnetic resonance examination, the injury was aggravated, and it was confirmed as a front cross ligament torn.

The pony gave up the injured Herlan last month. Helen career fought 25 games, of which three games were first, and Herlan, who was in the second half of the last season and the playoffs played outstanding. In addition, Bill also promoted from the training group to the Cierre Wood into the big list, Anthony Dixon, may form a running guard with these two people.

“I want to lead the whole league & mdash; & mdash; I want to get more than 15 times,” Jones said. “Forgot 10 times, I have already got 10 times. I want (15 times). I want 1400 (code to catch the ball). Push me like this kind of goal, each time I step on the end area line & mdash & mdash; I have to enter the ninth year of career & mdash; & mdash; but every time I step on the end area line, this makes me power to become a great player. “

The Falcons are still in the top five. Broncos win at fifth week compared to this week’s game they lost to the Seahawks demonstrated more. why? Since the beginning of the game did not go well, but Dan Quinn’s team did not pack the meaning of home. Instead, they are from 17: Anti behind 3 “pecking” the Seahawks one, and even took the lead in the fourth quarter, which is a professional football stadium hardest thing.

Since the only two players since 2012, they have achieved at least 15 times: 2018 Antonio Brown and Des Bryant in 2014. In the history of NFL, 33 players have achieved at least 15 batches of the game, and Randy Moss won 23 games in 2007 to create a record.

The training head of the Emirates, Rick Burkhold, announced this news on Monday, and revealed that Berry will go to a lymphoma expert to make the final diagnosis. The Chief team released that the current first judgment is lymphoma and placed in a list of non-rugby-related injuries on Monday.

Considering the team last year ranked 28th in the league, it’s hard to believe the fans in the stands stand a whole game will affect other people watching the game. Moreover, according to the team’s style of play the past few years, standing fans may be able to block the line of sight you do not see the Chad – Henny (Chad Henne) captured and killed.

Although the 3 games were absent last season and the next half of the season and the quarter-free cooperation, Jones got 779 yards 9 times. Last season Jones’s teammates Kenny Golladay will be the first in 11th.

Jaguars sent a letter to fans do not watch the whole game standingRecently, the Jacksonville Jaguars management does not want their fans are standing watching the whole game. So the team to those fans have season tickets sent a letter initiative they do not always stand in the stadium watching.

According to Ian Rapoport, Richardson is one of the free players who invited Buffalobier to participate in the trial. But Bill finally decided to sign the front of the Indianapolis pony to run Dan Herron.

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