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In the history of the 19 years of the crow, this is still the first time with a player in a vocational bowl in a rookie season. As a rookie in this year’s draft, Mosley has created a new history of the team. Since this season, he is the only one in the union in 115 hugs, and won the player who kills and 2 copies. Terrell Suggs This reviews Moscale: “His performance is very special, is a phenomenon level. We privately called him: & lsquo; half-man, half surprised & rsquo;”

Wilson said in an interview: “There is no problem between the team’s locker room. There is no problem between teammates. Everyone is growing, all don’t have to maintain the dressing room atmosphere, I don’t suspect the friendship between the teammates. I believe that my teammates are struggling towards victory. We are still super bowls to compete. This is my teammate, not like reporting. “

Brown said they learned that a staff member of the team of virus tested positive on Saturday, all in close contact with the staff member’s immediate self-isolation. Brown will follow the affected emptograph of alliances when returning to the base on Monday. As a close contact, Mayfield must be self-separated for 5 days.

Mosley Cheng team history first selected professional bowlWhen Baltimore won C.j.-Mosley (C. J. Mosley), their official said that he would call him the next Ray Lewis is unfair. The crow believes that Mosley is compared to one of the greatest lines in history, will bring him too much pressure, and frankly did not give him such a huge expectation. However, this week, Mosley completed a feat that Lewis did not do: in the elected professional bowl with a rookie.

Qifusler signed a four-year contract before signing the top contract, and Earl Thomas signed a four-year contract, and his contract is still three years, his Salary ranked 16th in the player in the player. If he continued to dismiss in the regular season, Qifusler will lose $ 26,647 every time a game.

According to the leader Kyle Shanahan, play the external hand of Dobo Samuel in the 33-6 defending New England Patriots – Samuel (Deebo Samuel) and Running Wine Jeff – Wilson (Jeff Wilson Jr.) is expected to be absent for a long time.

After Wilson and Rachim – Mostatt (Raheem Mostert) was placed in the injury reserve list, only Jeric McKinnon and Jahakill Hesteon were in the big list. Jamycal Hasty These two healthy runners. Another running guard & mdash; & mdash; Tevin Coleman is already returned, but it is not clear whether he has returned to health and it is enough to come back in the next game.

Since the first quarter of the team in 2018, Mefield has not lacking the starter, has been playing 37 games. In the eight games in this season, Mefield completed 61.4% of the pass, got 1514 yards and 15 times, and 7 passes were copied.

Waset completed a total of 465 shots in his career to get 1816 yards 11 times, and the average was 3.9 yards per shock. In addition, he also completed 51 battles to get 344 yards 2 times. Wester made a good season in 2016, when he ranked first in the entire team’s 774 yard.

When I was asked how to look at Harva, Wilson had answered: “I have a very similarity to him, all the people who have a high demand for themselves, eager to win all the games. We all hope to be able Take the ball in hand, I don’t quite understand why the media should always stir the things, I guess this is the professional player must face. Just like I have been talking to others, I have to ignore those sounds. “

At the same time, West is not only the old man who is watching the Saint. The saints also invited Jamal Charles and Tim Hightower to participate in the trial. Among them, Charles has even passed the medical examination, wholesale Nfl jerseys but the two sides decided not to sign a contract is temporarily.

Wilson suffered from the left foot of the ankle, which was expected to be placed in the injury reserve this week, which means that he will at least absence the next three games. Before the hurt in the game, Wilson played the best performance in his career and completed 17 tweezers to get 112 yards 3 times.

Haiying is going to make the worst plan to prepare for moneySeattle Sea Eagle has done the worst plan for Kam Chancellor, but according to Haiying players, they are also ready to safety in this vocational bowl with the team. The new season of the season is carried out in the case of Wei.

Wilson denied that there is a small group in the HawkRecently, due to the influence of Percy Harvin trading incident, all kinds of rumors of the Haiying team were very rushing, and there was news that Harvin was traded, and the team broke due to different views of the transaction. Two factions. In order to calibrate the speech, the core quarter of the team’s core quarter-free Wilson said that he was very happy to be in the sea eagle, no team is better than the Hawks.

A team told ESPN to say. “This is a two-way situation.” Another team said that the team has continued to prepare the next game, regardless of whether money is lacking. “From the perspective of the game, we will prepare in accordance with the situation he is not in the team.” A player said: “We will win in the case of his lack, which will hit him.”

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