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Hayden plans to visit the steel people tonight. He is the first round show in 2010. Every year, he will fight against the steel man twice, and the steel man knows his strength. Hayden knows some Cleveland offensive and defensive tricks, and there are still 11 days of teams to meet the game.

10 months agoThe steel man has reached an agreement with Joe-Hayden on the contract terms.(US Time) Wednesday morning, Joe Haden is a member of Cleveland Brown. However, in the evening, he has become one of the enemy of Brown.

Wilkson said: “You must clarify this, when you are close to big book, you have the opportunity to stop him. I know that he is not very good in protecting the ball, I will do my best to grab this weak point. “Just as Wilkson said that Rosrisberg has emerged 6 times this season, and the past 25 games will fall 15 times. But compared to these defects, people are more concerned about his excellent play: he won 12 times of passing a ball in the past 2 weeks. The corner combination of this week’s jet may be Marcus Williams and Josh Thomas, which we can do anything else when they are facing steel people. For jets, you want to create troubles for the brightening of the steel person, the performance of the defensive front line and the use of the tactics is the hope of the team.

Jet defensive end: Daily is not good at protecting the ballThis season, the Ball of the New York Jet’s defensive group lost the first larger than the total number of column columns. This week they will face the state-Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh steel man led by him. Although it is unanimously seen by the outside, the jet defensive end Muhammad Wilkson is still confident to the team.

Hawks or will open the high price contract to locate WilsonSeattle Hawks have successfully ranked among the national contest, and the outstanding performance of Russell Wilson is an important reason for the team to win. Although the season has not ended yet, the Hawk has begun to plan to work in Wilson’s renewal work.

NFL official website reporters revealed that the Hawk plans to provide Wilson with a high-priced contract, with a piece of paper to lock this super bowl of championship level. The Hawble current lineup is a star gather, but as a core quartz, Wilson’s current annual salary is less than $ 1 million. Next year, he will enter the last year of the rookie contract, and the insider revealed that the Hawks did not want to wait until the 2015 season, consider renewal problems, and they hope to extend the contract with Wilson after the end of this season. At present, the average annual salary in the alliance is Green Bay packaging workers, Aaron Rodgers, and he and the team’s contract for 5 years, worth $ 1 million, with average salary reached 2,000 ten thousand. Reporters revealed that the sea eagle or will provide Wilson’s new contract with a new annual salary than Rogers.

Since its efforts, Wilson is not worthwhile to give a contract higher than Rogers, but many times, the strength of salary and player does not directly hook. The 26-year-old Wilson is leading the Hawks toward the second super bowl of champion, as the highest price in the alliance, has not reached the young four-point guard with the peak.

Bill Weekly announced that McDemo had been about many years. According to NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort, this renewal is to extend 4 years based on the 2nd contract, which means that McDemmot will coach to 2025 season.

In a relatively short period of time, McDemot is injects the tough team culture, and the team known as a team known as a competitive team is a team that is known only by the defensive group. Bill returned to the playoffs in the 2017 season, ended the dilemma since the 1999 season started. And in the last season, they look very likely to create threats in the playoffs.

Overview: New York Giants and Offensive Front Players Nick Gates have been about 2 yearsAccording to Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China TV reporter Mike Galafolo, the offensive front line player Nick Gates, who started 3 games last season, renewed on the New York Giants. The contract is 2 years, and the basic salary reaches $ 6.82 million, the highest value can reach 10.32 million US dollars.

Although Bill was defeated by Houston Texas to defeat, McDemurt and General Manager Brandon Brandon Beane have made Bill to prepare for the future. With the growth of Swan Allen, the growth of Star Allen, Stefon Diggs, the Bill offensive group or the excellent level of the defensive group. They are expected to threaten the dominance of new England patriots in partition.

Buffalo Boho and coach Shan – McDemoir last for more than a yearSean McDermott has changed Buffalobier from the fishing team into a popular player of the New Season Mei Liandong District Championship, which made him a trust of the team.

Although there is currently not considered a starter, Gates’ comprehensive ability of Gates makes him a sharp or offense. After the start of the offense, the Nate Solder announced that the Gates will be one of the candidates of the first offensive cut off. In addition, he is also possible to compete for the giant’s first center position.

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