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[Everyday cheap nfl jerseys from china free shipping] Monthly Champion player continues to teach you how to watch the player

Beijing October 18th, the player “sliding” is very familiar. This week, he brought you a 7th high-cost player recommended:

Close-edge: David – Enjoku $ 2

Choosing Enjoku is not just because his recent data is good, the market is bullish, and the more important reason is that the opponent’s opponent faced by this week is Tampawan pirate!

Let’s first look at the contrast of the pirates in recent weeks:

Then we search the pirates to the near-ended striker data:

Even if you don’t consider Zach-Ejz, the pirate defensive group is very limited for the restrictions on the near-end-end strike, and china buy online free shipping the number of large numbers and the ball are more frequent. Combined with David-Enqiao’s recent play, I expect him to usher in an outbreak data this week.

Defense group: Indianapolis Pima $ 1

Although the pony is not ideal in restricting the data of the opponent, they have a stable attack and defense conversion data every week. More importantly, they face Buffalo Bill this week.

The Bill team mainly wounded for a week of the game, replaced by him, San Swan – Pitman. Quote a section of the top wholesale nfl jerseys Chinese official website

“In the last week, the Bill Defensive Group completed the excellent end of the wonderful end area, forcing the other party to choose any ball shot. But the Subtail quadroterman-Pittman (Nathan Peterman) was then passed by the copies of the attack, Give the victory to Texas.

In the 15th tape promotion in Pittmann season, ten events were abandoned or ball transformation. Although this is only a small number of samples, it is the highest since 1975, 11.4 percentage of his career is also the highest since 1975.

Candidates outside Pittman are more worse. In the Black Panther, I have been signed by Derek Anderson, and the team hopes that he can become an Alan’s mentor before a week ago. “

& mdash; & mdash; Articles Source “Jose – Allen will ablate at least two to three games”

So, in the face of the lack of the Lord’s Bill, I am very confident that the small scratch team brushed out of the defensive data.

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