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Brown team signed the front dolphin outside Hart Ryan

The Cleveland Brown finally shot in the free market.

NFL Media Ailbert Brit Breer reported that the Brown team was taken with the former Miami Sea Dolphin, and cheap fake oakley sunglasses Brian Hartline reached a $ 6 million contract. He was tied by the team last month in the previous six seasons.

As a player of Ohio State University, Josh Gordon was banned for 1 year, Hartley should enter the Brown team’s first outer handle. Hart Lan 2012 and 2013 were brought more than two consecutive years, but the last season fell sharply, only 39 shots and 474 yards and 2 times.

For oakley sunglasses outlet online Brown, although this is not a gorgeous contract, the 28-year-old Hartley has indeed proven that it has the strength of providing effective guarantees for Brown.

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