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As one of the top right cuts, Johnson’s regression undoubtedly strengthens the protection of the eagle offensive front line. 30-year-old Johnson passed the occupational bowl for three consecutive years, and the 2017 season was nominated as a league. At the same time, the old right striker Jason Pites will play the array of Johnson. It is a good news before the team began to train a complete training of the team.

The brain shock in the game is Adams’s third brain shock in the past two years, which made him very depressed, he said on the twitter: “I will never understand. The game is very dangerous and the court There is a professional bowl player hits my helmet, and then said them & lsquo; unintentionally hurt me. & Rsquo; Davis then apologize to Adams on the twice.

“We will not talk about contract details in the media, but we will not trust Dude Shaowen. We are very loved to him, we hope that he will stay for a long time. But we will not talk about the contract negotiations, This is something between us and Dedian brokers. “

Texas people coach: working hard with WatsonUS Time Friday, Texas Coach and General Manager Bill O’Brien (Brien) said that the team is “strive” with a broker of the Siwu Denwen Watson, talking about the contract Continue, and “We hope that he can stay here for a long time.”

O’Brien said: “Dedo is a good player, it is an excellent person, we hope he can stay here for a long time. & Hellip; & hellip; I know that we are working hard, will not disclose all details for the media, but we are right He and the future of the offensive group are very confident. “

Texas Horn Wan Jackson is happy to renew the teamKareem Jackson, a 26-year-old Harm Jackson, who will become a free player next month, said this week, he hopes to continue to continue to be in 2010.

Black Leopard coach Ron Ron Rivera said he was surprised by Davis banned. He said that if Davis is banned, the defensive group will face an unfavorable situation, and the other line of the team is Squook Tompson, which is currently being injured.

In Sunday, in the Night Race of New York Giants, the star ran to LeonardTe injured in the second festival of the competition, and the team has determined that the team has not returned to the competition.

Jackson is considered to be a free player who is signed after the second part of Ryan Mallett, Texas. Jackson’s performance is a good performance, but he can not only compete for the defense on the left and right sides, but sometimes he even acts as a role of the security. Last season Jackson can rank all the 7th place in the PRO FOOTBALL website, and he will have to bring more help to the team.

King of outer mushroomSaint-Junwei, Engaged in Engram, on Sunday, the exterior of the rush of the jet, the unparalleled high-ranking spheres of the University of Alabama graduated cheap Jerseys from china 13.8 yards, the first column fifteenth week .

“I am very happy to return to Houston, because I like coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) and his assistant also have the style and system of the team. We started to develop a good direction in the last season. So I want this momentum to continue. “

Running, reciprocatingIn the second quarter of the chief of the semi-lost lightning this week, the Emirates took over Hill in the 64-yard ball, the highest speed of 21.19 miles per hour. This is the second fast ball of this season to run the running speed, and Hill is a four-five seats in the top five in the fastest list.

Highlight performanceThe Habi Defensive Group can’t stop the rush of the ram to go to Gurley. The 152 yards in the Galley Weekday match, of which 134 yards come from outside shock. This is also the game that the Haiying is the most in the ranks of the waves, and also has achieved the best performance of the Galli this season & mdash; & mdash; 21 shock pockets to take 152 yards and 3 reachaes.

The Jaguzi Baibortes is the four-point guard with the highest efficiency of the Middle Road this week. In the game of Dragon, he scored up to 158.3. Boltz has maintained a super high level in the past three weeks, and the passenger score is divided into 147.3, and the entire League is second.

A newDespite the tired of the black panther, it has been tired of the past two seasons, but he played nearly perfect for the bucket in front of the bucket, and the passers of the raid was as high as 157.8.

The black leopard line Wei Davis is banned from the illegal impact action.Green Bay Packaging Entry External Entry Davifer – Adams (Davante Adams) is dissatisfied with his impact on his impact on his hit in the game. Davis Davis. This is true of NFL.

But apologize is not enough for the Alliance Office. If the ban is punished, the black panthers currently expected to enter the playoff will lose their most important players in the rest of the regular season.

In the third package of the competition, the four-point guards of Aaron Rodgers were passed down by the Black Panther, and Adams was hit by Davis helmets in the Tris helmet during the back chasing. Davis’s line is dissatisfied with the packaging player.

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