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“This is the first year,” Dedg said: “The new offensive system, new quarter-off, new external connections. Everyone is new. It still needs to be adjusted, and now there is still a space. We have There are many amazing performances. We have some extensive games. You can see that we can really become especially since some performance. We need time to continue to complete such performance. You can’t worry. Time is not good for us, We take time. “

It is necessary to retransmit the leading red leather at this time the offensive group is dumb. On the contrary, the packaging worker offensive group state is unmanned, and shortly after the first quarter begins, the packaging workers have achieved a continuous third wave of offensive, this success is Run Wendi, then the packaging worker completed 2 points, and the score was rewritten as 32-14. Since then, the red skin continuous two-wave attack ends with the four-dimensional conversion failure, in which the second wave of offensive ball translation is in this red area, the packaging work will use this opportunity to expand scores in any kick. In the next attack, only the red skin of the hopes of the hopes in the offense, in the offense to the package worker 4 yard lines faced the four-speed 3 yards, Cousins ​​was killed and reversed 16 yards. The finals of the competition will be laid, and the final package 35-18 won.

Vik said: “I am willing to talk to all the teams alliance, will not reject any team. I hope that I can get a chance again in 2015. I look forward to keeping the game.” Currently, the current Ke is likely to leave New York jet after the season. Whether it is Vik or Kino-Smith, I can’t satisfy the team, they hope to find a reliable and stable quadruple. Vik revealed in the interview, I hope the future can be played for Washington.

Close-side Feng Kelxi is not satisfied with the emirate last season.Travis Kelce raced last season, 105 times, pushing 1416 yards to create a league record, at the same time to 11 times & mdash; & mdash; these three data is the best.

In fact, 49 people have shown their strength table, the larger the intensity of the race, frightening off the ball rate. DESCRIPTION their team competitions other than about 5%. In addition to the Rams and Bears, 49 people face the rest of the opponents are playoff teams. In which only a simple game and the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders games, 49 people can be loaded this season in cheap nfl jerseys From china history & mdash; & mdash; the most difficult schedule.

It is also because this is not a successful ending, Celps is not satisfied with the performance of last seasons: “If you can’t get a ring, it is meaningless. If I can sit on the sofa to enjoy the young people chasing record, then these cheers and The applause may be very good. But now, these meanings are not. Hone other words, last year, I have failed to me last year. That’s it. This is my heart thinking. I am this kind of player, if we can’t win the super bowl, this It is not successful in the season. “

Packaging workers quarter-point Wei Lugers 36 times twice twice successfully got 210 yards 2 times. Red skin quartz Saxins 46 passed the ball 29 successfully got 329 yards 1 time Deta. The packaging worker defensive group obtained 6 kills. As the packaging is wins, this is the first time in the outer cassette game in the Monette of NFL.

After that, the package industry offensive group still has no state, and the red skin will make persistent efforts, and the package was counted before the game, the red skin close-end Qi Jordan-Reed completed 24 yards. At this time, the package factory offensive group finally awakened, after killing the Red Leather 12 code line from the 20-yard line of this side, Rogers shortly founded the outer handle Randall Cobb to complete the reachable. The package is finally opened. In the next defensive, they killed Cousins ​​caused the ball and successfully retake the ball. And this ball transformation also helps them can eventually get 3 points by playing. In the last attack before the end of the first half, Rogers passed the ball successfully and eventually passed the ball to the outside. Davante Adams completed the reachable, the packaging workers got lead, with 17-11 into the second half.

In addition, Coxsins also need progress in Night Tourism and Important Competition. The record of Viking in such a game last season is only 2 wins and 6 losses. Such performance is impossible to give Viking back to a super bowl, even close to it.

Vic: Playing the red skin is my dreamIn June next year, Michael Vick will be 35 years old. Although it is no longer young, Victor still believes that he has the ability to become the main four-point guard, lead the team to advance. In this week’s interview, he issued a view on his future.

Outer Card Week: The packaging workers will be defeated by the red skinIn the main court, the National Liandong District Champion Washington, the National Liandong District Champion Washington, the main scene of the town, in the main court, in the main court, in the near future. The Hongki’s opening is quite ideal, and the four-point guards in the second wave of packats are killed in the end of this part of this side, so that the red skin gets the safety. In the offense of Hongki, the four-point Wei Koke Coss, who came to Kirk Cousins, and DESEAN JACKSON, completed 15 yards, but the referee judge Jackson after recording 1 code line is out of bound. Packaging is next to successfully blocking the red skin for three consecutive engagement before reaching the zone, and the red skin has to only play score.

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