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Pirates Dismount Defense Coordinator Mike Smith

Beijing October 16th, according to Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the pirates fired the defensive coordinator Mike Smith, the Mark Duffer will temporarily Star DC.

The head coach Dirk Koetter said: “I respect Mike-Smith’s person and his coaching ability. These decisions are very difficult, but we must ensure that the team can succeed. As I said, Any questions are the team, can not only be pushed to one person. & Hellip; & hellip; performance undulations is a group reason & hellip; & hellip; I want to work hard to Mike’s enthusiasm and every day, I hope he is smooth. “

Smith joined pirates in 2016, during which the pirates were counted, the pirates were allowed to advance 400 yards. In the same time, “no one can enemies”, the pony is closest to 49 people.

These also include 416 yards that are released on Sunday, Matt Ryan passed 346 yards, cheap jerseys from china and the Falcon Push Push 70 yards.

Although the race is signed Jason Pierre-Paul, etc., the second-line defense is still the criminal number of the League. The location is wrong, the communication is not smooth, and cheap jerseys online the system is chaotic.

Six weeks, Smith’s defensive group has obtained the following data: the number of unreslvested alliances (34.6), the average number of passed the number of passes (355.6), the field allows the proposing code number (439.8), 9 The fifth of the secondary kill alliance is the only thing is that the field allows the ball to promote the number of codes: 84.2, the fifth less of the league.

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