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Bill take over the best rookie lineup of NFL half

The rookie always brings expectations to the team, we have seen the offensive genius that is perfectly connected by Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck, and the team is perfectly connected to the team. Seeing like JJ Watt and Robert Quinn, it changes the super beast of the defensive group.

Maxwell said he saw the same talent like the Hawk on the second line of the dolphins. Maxwell is the top of the first quarter of the first quarter of the first quarter to pick up the 119 yards of the NTONIO BROWN.

Dolphin Safety: Our defensive second-line will become another bombing armyByron Maxwell is clear how it becomes a member of an elite defensive second-line combination. Because the corner of his Miami Dolphin is a member of the Seattle Hawk.

The Richardson US Federation was not absented in the absence of the horsesBefore the Sunday, the Indiana pony team was in front of the New England Patriopers team, the pony tent Richardson was not placed in the list of the team, and the reason was actually It is his absence of his training in Saturday team.

In today’s season, we have seen too many new show. They only found their position in the team with 8 weeks. A good start is half the success, I believe that the road in the future will go more and more smoothly. Let us now take a look at the best rookie lineup of the NFL official website.

4-point guard: DEREK Carr, Auckland Assault

Run Guise: Branden Oliver, San Diego Lightning

Run Guard: Jerick McKinnon, Minnesota Viking

Extract: Sammy Watkins, Buffalo

External taken: Kelvin Benjamin, Carolina Black Panther

Extracry: Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints

Extracry: John Brown, Arizona

Close-edge: no

Attack cut: Taylor Lewan, Tennesi Toy

Offensive striker: Joel Bitonio, Cleveland Brown

Strong: Corey Linsley, Green Bay Packaging

Offensive striker: Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboy

Attack cut: Ju & Rsquo; Wuan James, Miami Dolphin

Defensive end: no

Defensive cutoff: Aaron Donald, St. Louis Ram

Overseas guard: Khalil Mack, Auckland raid

Overseas guards: Anthony Barr, Minnesota Viking

Internal Word: C.j. Mosley (C.J. MOSLEY), Baltimore Crow

Corner: Kyle Fuller, Chicago Bear

Security: Ha Ha Clinton-DIX, Green Bay Packaging

Abandoning the kick: Pat O & Rsquo; Donnell, Chicago Bear

Playing the ball: Chandler Catanzaro, Arizona

Back to attack: Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphin

Richardson has nearly $ 3.2 million in 2015, but he is very embarrassing in the future of the pony. This season’s regular season came to 15 games, 159 shots only won 519 yards and 3 times, and he was only completed by 27 battles only on the season, and did not reach it.

The patriot’s front line of the season is not more beneficial to them in the past, and the return of Haita is great. At present, the patriots defensive groups are the most alliance in the number of lost codes, the number of lost scores and the number of passes.

According to many people familiarants, Rosen was disappointed with Murray to pick Murray. And he is not happy to his attitude towards him before the draft. Before the draft, he did not get the guarantee of its position, and did not see any signs of him will be replaced. According to observation, he no longer pays attention to the Instagram and Twitter account of the red row.

The 2016 season, the dolphin defensive group restrictions on the 15th place of the opponent’s password number, wholesale jerseys the data is 242.2 yards, so that the opponent completes the 25th bit of the 30 position column League, which is very large. Improve space.

Dolphin is a few teams introducing Rosen will be one of the teams that are reasonable, they have not selected four-point guard in the first round, and the New York Giants and Washington red skin pick the four-point guard.

According to informed people, dolphins and red scintles have been negotiating. In Rosen may be treated by the red rickets, the dolphins have been studied in Runson. Subsequently, there is a rumor that the person familiar with the dolphins have been close to the second round of the 48th selection right to change Rosen. At the same time, because dolphins believe that Rosen’s value is still not as good as the 48th selection, the two sides may also involve the interchange of low-time draft.

AFLC second round summary and third round predictionThe second round of AFLC has just ended yesterday, two city wars & mdash; & mdash; Hong Kong Cobra vs Hong Kong Wars, Shanghai Warrior vs Shanghai Night Eagle. Cobra and Night Eagle have achieved their respective victories. The Shanghai Warriors and Shanghai Night Eagle can be said to be the most exciting game in the history of domestic football. Both parties have played the biggest potential, and the score has kept opposite to each other. The hidden suspense has left the last second. In the last 6 minutes, the Warriors will abandon the kick, will be more than 4 points, and the last 2 minutes, the night hawk attacked the Warriors Red District; the last 1 and a half, the night eagle reached the two points to success, more 4 points Forcing the warriors to reach to reverse; the last 40 seconds, the warriors attack the night eagle red zone; the last 4 seconds, the Warriors quartz must pass the ball attack, the ball is transmitted to the plus hand, the night eagle two defensive players at the same time, It took the ball and finally slammed the last rush.

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