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Red skin signing offense cut Donald PetionBeijing July 31, the current attack, Trent Williams, did not stop the dismissal, and the red skin had to find another replacement. Donald Penn is the talent that they finally selected.

Hall is a giant’s corner guard location, the giant’s corner guard, including Janoris Jenkins, old Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and the first round show Eli Apple. Hall is good at serving as a slot, if Epper is not prepared to face the first heavy, Hall’s play time may reduce Epper’s appearance time. After signing the Hall, Epper is able to get a learning time rather than directly facing a cruelty.

Hall was stable last season, completed 9 destroyed passes, and obtained 2 coputés. But career enters the tenth season Hall has been injured during the entire career. He suffered two-day tearing and accepted back surgery in the offset period; & mdash; this is the reason why he found a new team so late. It is reported that he has now restored health.

The wild horse has a star, and the light is four-point guards, Penton Manning and Brock Osweiler: During the effect of wild horses, Manning broke a series of four-point guards record, however This season was replaced by injuries and offensive systems. Manning’s performance is not as good as before, even since 1994, replaced in the game. It is not good to replace his Osville performance, but it is not called stable. The wild horses played in the rancing who served as the first quarter-breakout will be a big point. There is also an external team of Demarryius Thomas: Thomas is the number of wild horses, although it has declined in more than last season, but still achieves 604 games 6 times. The Emmanuel Sanders is also a fire point. He stably in the wild horse, the duties of the second pickup, and the 1135 yards were taken from 1135 yards this season.

Front NBA Dunk Wangnette – Robinson participates in Haiying trialThe three NBA dunk Wangnette Robinson hopes to be the second person in the history of NBA and NFL in the history with the legendary character of Minnesota, and the second place in history.

“If he is still a coach, in the school, I will have a new American football basketball will participate and then choose a starting career,” Robinson said in April. “I may try NFL first, then, if I don’t succeed, go play basketball & mdash; & mdash; if I can reap them.”

12 people selected professional bowls, the crow’s star is too much! However, there is no doubt that their brightest stars are only 23 years old, Raar Jackson. This year, Jackson ushered in a big outbreak, not only the passing of people has been greatly improved this year, but also a rush of rushing, a race of running. By breaking the team’s pass to the team’s record, the scorpion is a record of Michael Victor’s quarter-off season. There is a multi-functional mixing weapon, such Jackson cannot fight, and the league has not had effective restrictions on his approach.

Hot mom broke the history of Michal Victor in the 15th week of the jet, became the four-point guard, the number of Single seasons in the NFL history, and the hot moms were 3127 yards this season. (Under the last round of circumstances), the first 36-time reached the union, only 6 cases, pass the ball score (RTG) up to 113.3 points. At the same time, the passing TD%) 9% high-level alliance first, quarter-branch (QBR) 81.10 column of column first.

Since Pedon Manning, it has been a popular wild horse this season, which is not excellent to continue to be high expectations. However, the performance of the wild horse offensive group was reunited, but after the new coach plus Gary Kubiak, he looked in Manning in the new offensive system, in each game in each game. Ningdu had at least 1 pass, and he even 4 times in the game of the Dragonas City chief, led the team to defeat, and he was also replaced in the game. After that, the wild horse announced that Manning was diagnosed with footprints, and he didn’t have a full range in the regular season. Instead of him, wholesale Jerseys BLOK Osviville is unexpected, and it seems that Osville is more suitable for the Kugabian offensive system. Despite the two-game losing streak in the Auckland raid and Pittsburgh, Osville led the wild horse to achieve 5 wins and 2 negative records, including the hard battle against the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Tiger. However, in the last game, Osville was changed by Manning. When the injury has been recovered after the start of the playoffs, Manning, which has been restored, and Osville will become a problem that makes the wild horse. The biggest hero in the excellent record of wild horses is on the first defensive group of their alliance. This season is in the game with the number of code (283.1 yards), anti-transmission (199.6 yards), and kills (52) these three data ranked first, the opponent scored the second. There is no four-point guard in the fifteenth week before the game, there is no four points to face them to pass more than 300 yards. If the offensive group can’t play in the playoffs, then the wild horse’s playoffs hopes that they are all on the defensive group.

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