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Brown took over Jarvis – Landry (Jarvis Landry) was added to activate / unable to train because of injury list. Five-time Pro Bowl Landry receiving hip surgery in February, is still in the recovery period. Jiemeng took over – moles (J & rsquo; Mon Moore) is added activated / non-football injury list.

Patriots tight end Matt – pull test Joseph (Matt LaCosse) to opt out of season. Joseph pull test his wife’s due in November, the exit of the season for family health reasons. Joseph has pull test is the first season after the Patriots eight players. The current lineup also includes Patriots tight end Ryan – Izzo (Ryan Izzo), rookie Dalton – groups in the (Dalton Keene) and German – Aki Asif (Devin Asiasi). Wide receiver Mohamed – Sanou (Mohamed Sanu) and running back Sony – Michelle (Sony Michel) was added to activate / unable to train because of injury list.

Dimitlov said: “As we say after the end of the regular season, the contract with Grady is the best thing. It will not change this for him to use the team label. We hope that Grady can continue to stay The team, this only gave us more negative talks. “

Have been selected to the Pro Bowl Hilton may not like the news, his last season due to calf and quadriceps injury played only 10 games. The number of times the ball only 50 times, the lowest since his rookie year, advance the ball 501 yards is the lowest career. Before the 2019 season, the Hilton can be played at least 14 games every year.

In March this year, Brown and career bowls Austin Hooper signed a 44 million-million US dollar contract, including $ 23 million security. After they were selected in the fourth round of Harrison Bryant. Although it generally does not use three near-end strikes, the new handsome Kevin Stefanski said that he attaches great importance to the role of near-end, and three people will play.

No matter what the Mentang is made, he is difficult to defeat the Subject 4 points from the BROCK OSWEIL in the next season. It is a bit uncomfortable that it is a bit uncomfortable to be a little longer than the peak. Despite the second champion, this will be the fate of Manning in the future.

Roundup: Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton was added to injured listUS time on Sunday, pony officially announced that veteran took over T.Y. outside the Hilton will open training camp in the active non-football injury list / in.

Falcon pair defensive end Grridi-Galt uses team label Beijing March 5, US Time Monday, the Falcon official announced the use of team labels for defensive end Grred-Galrett. Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager, said that both parties are still talking about long talks. The two parties need to agree on 7.15.

After the judgment is made, the cheap nfl jerseys From china player’s high-level high-rise represents the player’s right again. This ruling can be considered to be a victory of Braddy. He was originally willing to accept a competition, but now he is willing to pay.

Before the penalty is made, Braddy and its team, NFL players and NFLs have been negotiated to negotiate with the solution. On Monday, after several minutes of negotiations, Merman judges ended negotiations. He realized that both sides differed too much and failed to reach an agreement.

Enjoku is the first round show in 2017, and the wrist fracture in the second week of last season. After the injury, he only played two games, and a total of 5 batches were completed, and 41 yards were promoted. He completed 56 battles in the 2018 season, advanced 639 yards, reached 4 times.

When he was asked if Manning should be retired, Anderson replied, “I really think so. Let him return to retirement. What else do he still do? He has become the most valuable player of the league, two super bowls He ranked first in each technical statistics record. My 18th buddy, I will be retired … I am very happy with you. “

JJ Watt This game has been doubled, but he still won the three negative quotes, and he said: “No matter how the game process is, no matter what the game is still a big points, in short, we are It’s sad. “For the four-dimensional Weatsen performance, Wattera said:” He took out the strength of the phenomenon, and today he played very well, he can use mobile to deal with each other Consolidation, can complete the beautiful attack. If he will become an excellent quarter-off. “

Claien has gained his first to reach his career, and there were twice to kill two negative quotes, and he also said that he also regretted after the game: “This is uncomfortable, Especially in less than half a minute in the game, we are still in the lead. “He also gave Watson’s high evaluation:” He is very popular, I think he will become a good player of Texas. I am He is full of confidence, and our team is fully supporting him. “

The team’s four-dimensional Swauterssen this game has passed 301 yards and 2 reachaes. His self-evaluation showed a modesty: “I spent every file, every time I pass, try hard It is better. We are a team, we are working hard towards the game. Today, we have not good enough in the Red Area. Finally, the time left to Braddy is too much. I have got a lot from today’s game. Many “For the four-point guard opposite, Watson said:” I have been studying from other excellent quartz, let myself become stronger. “

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