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Williams said in his own marijuana gym: “The most important part is that NFL is a closed organization. They can’t keep up with the times, their foundation is on the audience, so as long as the audience will agree.”

Tuesday, Ruiola, answered Bellick: “Not a lot of people beat them, so I don’t care what he said, I didn’t put the thing, I just went to the game.” Heaven, Ryiola was punished by the alliance, he said: “I don’t know what to regret, I will never regret life. Of course I have not tried to hurt who.”

“This is the first thing I thought after my feet were injured again.” Lang is said to the media. “I only hope that this is not my last time to wear a packager helmet. This is very difficult. Obviously I will rest a few days to rest and see what will happen. I want everyone in the locker room to know where I want to stay. “

Victor – Cruze not heard of the team to reduce their own salariesOutside the New York Giants next season, took over the Victor – Cruze (Victor Cruz) basic income is 7.4 million dollars, but it is clear that he could not previously outside that peak performance took over, but the team is not required to reduce his salary meant.

Although one of the stronger strikers of the league, it is not guaranteed to return to the package. According to media reports, Ted Thompson, General Manager of Package, did not prioritize and renewal negotiations.

Recently, Williams and friends have opened the first marijuana gym. The gym will open this year in San Francisco, but this store is not only allowing customers to take marijuana, they are more focused on the efficacy of marijuana.

After 8 seasons for the package, Lang clearly expressed his idea. “It has been 8 years. I don’t want to go. I have been saying this from the beginning. I love this team, I love Green Bay, I love every aspect of the packaging player,” said. “I love representative this city and this team. I want to come back. This is not dependent on me. This is where I want to stay.”

Williams explained: “Our store will not be a smog, we will focus on marijuana for sports help, not just marijuana itself.” Williams and his friends are very concerned about marijuana. The study of the practicality of cannabis is hoped that the future can be recognized more widely.

Sandrick is 31 years old this year, and the first 11 game last season, after the back injury. His performance is ranked 106th in the PFF position, but his competition will benefit cheap jerseys From china Josh Norman leadership. Quinton Dunbar, Fabian Moreau and Joshua Holsey have learned from this old will learn experience.

49 people’s strife accept new contracts return to the court Professional Rugby Talk Program first broke the news: Fox Sports A Channel reporter Mike Garafolo has confirmed that San Francisco 49 people’s striker Alex Boone ended after receiving new salary Continued a dismissal of the entire offset season.

Cruze after the last race and have no chance of this – Mike Adu (Ben McAdoo) to do the exchange. The Giants will certainly be an important part of the assessment of the value of the Cruze, Cruze missed all the games of the 2015 season, played in 15 games this season, but he could not attack this season, his 39 catches for 586 yards and a propulsion touchdowns .

After the transaction walking trough, KC-Dol-Carl Fuller, after the Bashaud Breland entered the free market, the red skin needs to find the old man who will join Skikrick. On the other hand, denim saves $ 1.4 million in salary space by cutting Skandrick.

While the Cruze has been doing as a team leader, he offered to bear the wrong end of the season, but the market for a 30-year-old veteran and has a long history of players, his future will be very hard indeed.

Brun originally earned the basic salary, lention bonus and training bonus in the next two seasons, worth $ 3.7 million. Now this figure has been 6 million US dollars. If you count the irritating bonus, he may make 8 million US dollars.

US time on Tuesday, the Cruze an interview that he did not come from the team news for a long time, since they lose the playoffs on the broken link. But he did not think he would be the team to sell, he said:. “If I want to leave the Giants, it must be something wrong happened.”

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