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Texas people’s head coach O’Brien officially won the title of general managerIn the 2019 season, the general manager of Texas was basically completed by Bill O & Rsquo; Brien, this year he got a formal head.

“I have trapped in the crisis last year and harm it to the team. I want to withdraw it. Let the team will be better. Claboat is asking me,” Are you okay? Can you play? ? & Rsquo; because of his own title, the outer number, your feelings are & lsquo; no, coach, I am very good, I am very good, I am very good! Let me play. & Rsquo; but you will hear one in the heart. Sound. & Lsquo; You are no longer as good as you think, but you can continue to pass. & Rsquo; This is what I have been doing. I have been working hard. “

Mike and teams are not easy to find consensus on renewal. Although the top quaternary annual salary and security income increased year by year, the best defensive players in the league did not treat such a good treatment.

Viking’s near-end War Schius accepts half-month board surgeryOn Wednesday, US Time reports, according to ESPN reporters, Viking’s near-end Sweet Affi – Smith (IRV Smith Jr.) received half-month-spent surgery, requiring spending 4-5 months.

Corner Jay Jay-Ramse: I hope to play the next game for the ramAfter the Los Angeles Ramsey, Jalen Ramsey, Jalen Ramsey, said that the star player said that he could not describe his feelings for this transaction.

The black panther quartz Bouton expounds the injury: I have tried to take injuries to the topAt the press conference, there is a non-whiteline, CAM NEWTON, is now in detail, explained his injuries in detail in YouTube.

He told reporters that he thought that he thought: “This is a behavior that I don’t respect it. I will be hit by him, I am not my original intention, provocate others on the court. It is not a good thing, especially every point of time. “

“I think I have to leave my own imprint in the game. I miss my thinking. I can’t run. I can’t run. Is there any ability to run and have a chance to run two things,” Newton said. “I remember that I took the ball and then turned around. When I discussed my brother, his reaction was probably, & lsquo; day, you are in that attack. You look And I have been different. I have been watching the game. Everyone looks no fine to pick it up. You usually have the kind of essence gods that you have when you play? & Rsquo; I said to me, “When you are hiding something, you are hiding something It is difficult to be energetic. & Rsquo; I am concealing injuries, I can easily say, & lsquo; coach, I think I am not ready. Maybe for better results, I have to consider resting in this game & rsquo; “

“I am very happy,” Ramse said. “I am super super excited. A new beginning, in the place like Los Angeles, I will welcome the new beginning with the coach I have heard. I am still a young person. Everyone here is very young. I feel this Will let me be more understanding. Hust say that I am super excited. “

The raid man rushed to Karer Mike not attending the mini training camp Defense Coordinator Paul-Octa (Paul Guenther) recently revealed that the Auckland raid has developed a plan to help him catch his team as soon as you return to the team.

CAL MCNAIR, Chairman of Texas, Cal McNair, said: “The preparation of the 2020 season has begun, give Bill O’Brien and Jack – Eastby more accurate position, with their responsibility It is also very important to match the work. The team will be encouraged by this season, this is from our new structure, new operation method, and leaders in the club. I give fans for the team. The home victory & mdash; & mdash; which includes a playoffs Victory & mdash; & mdash; and proud, this season we also achieved at least 10 wins, fans worthy, we will continue to work hard to bring the champion honor to Houston “

At present, Smith has been joined the team’s injury reserve list. He was injured in the preseason in the presence of an aviation, which was originally Kyle Rudolph, and one of the most promising proximal pendants in the team. When Ludolph last season was absent in the last four games, Smith replaced him, 20 times completed 3 times in the pass. All-year Smith completed 30 batches, promoted 365 yards, reached 5 times.

“I really don’t worry this,” Ramse said. “Hone other words, I have said that this is a lot, but I think people don’t really believe me. I don’t worry about contract issues; the contract will get it at the time. I have a complete confidence in myself and my ability. I I feel that I will continue to become the best horn of the alliance in many years. “

The O’Brien’s operation is as follows: Wholesale Nfl Jerseys Two players and a three-wheel sigger with Jade Reneon Clowney, this three-wheeled is sent to the raid. Gareon Conley. A conditional four-wheel signs (now become three-wheeled) were sent to Brown, trading to run Guow Duke – Johnson (Duke Johnson), reserves offensive front line members Martinas Rankin changed to run Karlos Hyde. Two first round signs and other chip deals have been taken in Laremy Tunsile and Kenny Stills.

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